About Us

About Us

Wirly.com is a platform, which aims to provide people with helpful and detailed information about remittance companies and best international money transfers rates.

Thanks to our review and compare systems the user can easily sort through thousands of offers to choose the cheapest and the most reliable services. With the addition of ratings and customer reviews, you can learn about other people's experience with the company and avoid potential scams or shady businesses.

Our Mission

Nowadays, with the development of money processing technology, SWIFT network, VisaNet for the cards, interbank markets, blockchain and crypto transactions and many different ways to send money transfers internationally, it’s easy to get lost and confused. We want to create a neat and easy to use database for people to choose their financial service providers much easier. We gather information on fees, safety and overall user satisfaction to help others decide if the company is a reliable option.

Because we reveal the costs and compare the platforms with each other, we hope to encourage the service providers to bring better and more competitive offers to the market and lower their rate margins. Currently, the transfer market is heavily exploited by some of the companies, as it is estimated that for every $100 sent, only $92 gets really to the recipient. The problem is mostly noticeable in poorer regions of the World. Some people are not eligible to open regular bank accounts and need to send money through expensive intermediaries. There are also many people who work abroad and want to find cheap ways to send money back to their families to support them.

How can you save money with Wirly.com?

Because there are hundreds of offers on the market, your usual choice may not be the most cost-efficient. Here on our platform you can sort the list of the companies based on their fees and cost ratings. Moreover, you can read a detailed review and description of the costs to better understand what you will be paying for. We also try to warn our users about any hidden fees or additional charges that the companies don’t clearly explain.

Thanks to the compare tools, you can fill out your transfer information, choose the amount and your desired currency, choose recipient’s country and the system will automatically show you the transfer costs of the same transfer in different companies.