How much does WU transfer cost? - Western Union Fees

In this article we will cover all of the essential fees, different transfer costs and payment methods for sending money internationally with Western Union. As there are many factors which contribute to the final costs, it’s hard to calculate the exact fees. However, there are few things you should keep in mind to avoid extra costs.

How can I order my Western Union transfer?

As we’ve mentioned before there are different transfer methods at Western Union. Each method generates different charges. You can order the payment:

1. Online

Visit, choose the recipient’s country, fill out the amount and other transfer details and pay for the transfer via a regular domestic bank wire.

What’s more, some banks already support direct Western Union transfers through their online banking platforms. Check if your bank support such transfers for a faster international remit.

2. In-store

WU is a worldwide remittance provider, therefore there should be a local branch or partnered kiosk in your city. On their website you can find a section devoted to finding your local agent or facility.

All you need to do to send money that way is cash and ID. Bring it to the counter and your recipient will be able to pick up the same sum in WU branch in his city, after only a couple of minutes.

3. Using mobile App

Recently, the company has introduced an official remittance app, which allows you to: “transfer money, pay bills, estimate transfer fees, track transfers, find agent locations, manage your profile and more.”

You can protect it with a touch ID, if your smartphone supports this technology. Moreover, if you connect your credit card to the app, you will be able to order transfers quickly with a few clicks of a button.

4. Via Phone Call

Similar to regular bank wires, which can be set up with a phone call, Western Union can take your order via phone. However, it’s not a recommended option, as it generates additional charges and it’s not as convenient as clicking only a few buttons on your computer.

How can I pay for my WU transfer?

After you choose the transfer method and where you want to order your transaction, it’s time to pay for it. Western Union accepts debit and credit cards and they seem to be the most popular option. However, remember that card payments generate additional charges. Therefore, it’s best to pay for the transfer with a regular domestic bank wire. It’s free of charge, however it may take up to 5 days to process the transfer. If you are in a hurry choose card payment or bring cash to your local WU store. The fees are at around $5-$25, depending on the size of your transfer.

Are there any transfer limits?

Yes. Moreover, some transfer methods may not be available after you exceed a certain threshold. For larger transfers, they may also require additional verification and information. The remittance company can ask you about your funds source or the purpose of your transfer.

Western Union fees

You may pay from $15 to $150 for a simple transfer of $1000, depending on your recipient’s country and payment method. For example, a transfer of $1000 to USA via a credit card costs $141.99. Same transfer handled in-store costs only $19.99.

On the other hand, sending and exchanging $1000 to Canada costs only $9. As you can see, there are many variables, which needs to be taken into consideration. Usually, the transfers, which require currency conversions have lower transfer fees, because the company makes money on the exchange rates.

Wester Union Exchange rates

It is stated that they can put even up to 6% margin on the exchange rates. The more money you want to send, the better are the currency conversion rates. For EURO transfers within the EU zone there don’t seem to be any markups.

Is it free to receive money with WU?

Yes. If someone sends you some money via Western Union, you don’t have to pay any fees to pick it up. It’s important, because some banks charge their customers just to receive an international payment to their account.

What are Western Union alternatives?

If you want to send money in other way, or the transfer costs don’t suit you, you can research our database of different remittance platforms. Simply sort the list by fees, speed or safety and read our users and other customers reviews before choosing the service.

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