How to move to Canada - Visa types, costs of living

Canada lies is the North America and its only direct, terrestrial border is with the United States. Except for it, it is surrounded by the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Ocean. It was shaped by a large-scale immigration and diversity there is one of the biggest in the world. Canada is known for its passion for sport, varied climate and really amazing views. They are also making a great progress with an artificial intelligence.

Official Name: Canada

Form Of Government: Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Capital: Ottawa

Population: 37,894,799

Official Languages: English, French

Currency: Canadian dollar

Area: 9,984,670 Square Kilometers (3,855,100 Square Miles)

5 reasons to move to Canada

1. Close to USA

Having such a well0-developed country like USA behind the border can be considered good for business, convenient if you want to do some shopping and besides, who would not want to visit Hollywood for the weekend?

And there is more to it. The United States are so close that the American culture filters through the Canadian lives. In Canada, people also celebrate the Thanksgiving, but not on the fourth Thursday of November, as in the US, but on the second Monday of October. And this means two weeks before the Halloween. All-month celebration!

2. Safe space

According to the Global Peace Index Canada is he sixth safest country in the world. Crime rate there is really low and the government always tries to deal with things peacefully and avoid military actions. So no more worrying while going back home late at night.

3. ‘Just society’

There is no way one will not find the acceptance there. Canadian government is one of the most liberal in the world. And it has a strong support from its citizens. Women rights, minorities rights, fighting poverty, publicly-funded health care - it is all there. And a lot more. So if you are looking for a country that gives its citizens liberty and a society that will not criticize you for being yourself, there is just no better option.

It is also a fact that it has a wide range of visa types, 23% of population are immigrants and the country wants to accept 1.3 million more of them by 2021.

4. Quality but affordable

Anyone there has the opportunity of living a decent life. Average Canadian salary is just enough and it can cover a rent, basic expenses and even some additional treats.

Moreover, your life will feel more comfortable due to the bigger houses. At first glance, they look like mansions - spacious and with big gardens. But then you realize that it really is the average type of property there and it is the good almost everyone can afford.

Another thing is healthcare. Nowadays, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to be healthy. In Canada, basic medical help is defrayed via taxes so that anyone in the moment of need can benefit from it.

Also, basic education is free and higher education prices are pretty decent. One can get a degree there for about a half-price, comparing to the UK or the US. And these are not some low-class universities. Actually, some of them, for example Toronto University, appear in the ‘top 50 universities in the world’ ranking.

5. Climate and nature

With this conditions of life, you may not even need this free healthcare. Some say that spending time in the bosom of nature help oneself relax. And the Canadians are the perfect proof of that. They spend a lot of time hiking, cycling and doing barbeques. And they are pretty laid-back.

Climate there is pretty varied so anyone can find something for themselves. Temperatures vary from -50°C in the North to over 30°C in the South.

And one can find there everything - beaches, islands, mountains. And who has not heard of the Great Lakes or the Niagara Falls?

How to get a visa?

As mentioned above, Canada is one of the most friendly countries for the immigrants and it is really open to take you as its citizen. After you take a Citizenship Test! Canada is one of the few countries that do not want just 90-day workers, but permanent residents. It also offers double nationalities so it is not necessary for you to abjure your first citizenship.

Temporary stay - Tourist visa or Super visa

A lot may actually consider a temporary visa because it gives the opportunity for one to stay in Canada up to six months. It can be single or multiple entry visa. Sounds like enough time to check if you like it there.

Permanent stay

Here, one has two options to consider: Permanent Canada Visa or Express Entry Visa.

Permanent Visa types:

  • Immigrant Investor Program - for people who have a net of minimum 800,000 CAD$ and are willing to invest half of it (400,000 CAD$). The government will return it within 5 years.
  • Startup Visa Program - for people who have a net of 300,000 CAD$ and one third must go for creating and sustaining an employment in Canadian business.
  • Self-employed Persons Visa - for people who will present their business plan, funds for it and required skills.
  • Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker Program - for those who are fluent in French and specialize in the job needed in Quebec.
  • The Family Sponsorship Visa - for those who already have a spouse there (or dependent children).
  • Live-in Caregiver Program - for people who have a qualifications to take care of children or people who are disabled, sick or old.

There are also a few types of Express Entry visas. These ones are granted to people who:

  • work in the professions required in Canada
  • are craftsmen or tradesmen
  • semi or low-skilled workers
  • have a temporary Work or Student Visa

Required documents:

  • valid passport
  • filled application form
  • confirmation of paid visa fees
  • photographs (compatible with Canadian requirements)
  • proof of funds
  • reservation for a return ticket (if applying for temporary visa)
  • proof of no criminal record
  • ID
  • Civil Status Documents (if applies)
  • a cover letter (explaining purpose of the journey)
  • letter of support/invitation

Costs of living

Estimated cost of living in Toronto for one year is $12,464.76 without a rent. Rent, whereas, will cost you about $1,940 per month.

Example of prices:

  • milk, 1l: 2.48 C$
  • loaf of bread: 2.95 C$
  • meal at the regular restaurant: 16.00 C$
  • fitness club (monthly): 50.24 C$
  • monthly pass ticket: 98.00 C$

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