How to Send Money During Covid-19 Lockdown

While the virus spread is finally slowing down and parts of the economies are getting unfreezed, access to some services is still limited.

“... is Unavailable Due to Coronavirus”

Cash Pickups During Covid

Many Western Union and WorldRemit cash pickup locations have been closed all around the world. Therefore, it’s best to stay with direct transfer to bank account or online wallets instead of handling the physical cash.

No Travel Money

Due to the coronavirus outbreak many countries closed their borders to prevent further spread. Obviously it has a tremendous effect on the worldwide tourist market. Travel Money or Holiday Cards are a popular additional offer for many remittance platforms and currency exchange brokers. It allows the customers to save money on fees as they don’t have to use their regular credit and debit cards abroad. Instead, they can use a dedicated prepaid card, which is cheaper to use in a particular country and doesn’t require currency conversion as it’s already topped up with the correct currency.

However, due to travel restrictions the offer has been withdrawn from most of the platforms.

Exchanging Currency

As people aren’t moving between countries and are purchasing foreign currencies less frequently there might be some problems at exchanges. In some cases operational and conversion fees have been increased to make up for the market fluctuations.

Limited Customer Support

The most common inconvenience you might come across while using some of the money transfer platforms is the limited access to customer support and delayed responses to any enquiries and emails. Businesses are converting into remote working and the inner communication between employees is obviously delayed, therefore we should all be a little more patient in these tough times when solving problems online, as there are people who have to handle them offline.

How to Send Money To Your Home Country?

Many work migrants got locked out of their families, as they can’t simply come back to their home country. If they keep their job there is still need to provide for their families and send the money back to their homeland. In other cases, if a person loses their job abroad, the families need to help them and send money for the everyday necessities. So, which money transfer platforms are still operating and how to send money to your homeland cheaply?

Dedicated Remittance Platforms

While most of the money transfer platforms are operating without any notable issues, if you have a specific reason and destination for the payment you might find some cheaper dedicated services to save you in these times. There are companies which specialize in transferring money between particular countries. They are focused on popular business destinations, as well as work immigrants.

For example, platforms such as Grosik or Funcik offer cheap and almost instant transfers to Poland. Their customer support operates in countries with the highest amount of working Poles such as the UK or Germany for example and offer great exchange rates for GBP/PLN and EUR/PLN currency pairs.

Another case is Caribe Express, which focuses on the Dominican Republic region. It allows you to receive payments from the Caribbean Islands, United States, Spain, or Puerto Rico and offer great support for Spanish language. You can read a full article review of Caribe Express here.

Sendway is a simple mobile app, which focuses on providing cheap remittance from Europe and North America to African countries.

These are just a few examples of cheap remittance in different regions of the world. Before making a transfer try to research the most popular platforms dedicated to your country of origin, as they might be able to offer better rates than the regular mainstream competition.

Best Foreign Currency Transfers

Alternatively, there are also big players, which handle multiple destinations and offer cheap remittance even during Covid-19 outbreak. And with the increased amount of online transfers we do now, as the majority of businesses had to close their regular stores and focus on online sales. The amount of shipping has skyrocketed.

The leading money transfer platforms, which let you send money internationally are:

You can use a convenient “compare transfer costs” tool on, which lets you choose the current cheapest remittance provider for your specific money transfer, as in most cases the destination, amount and currencies affect the total price. Simply, type in the details and the algorithm will check all of the available platforms and compare the results.

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