Moving to Sweden - getting the visa, costs of living

Sweden lies in Northern Europe and it is the largest one of the Scandinavian countries and, actually, the third biggest in the European Union. ‘The Vikings country’ is famous for its beautiful fjords and a great usage of renewable energy. It should be also associated with brands such as Volvo, IKEA or Sony Ericsson Mobile.

So if you are considering moving there, here are all of the important details you should know about.

Official Name: the Kingdom of Sweden

Form Of Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Capital: Stockholm

Population: 10,333,456

Official Language: Swedish

Currency: Swedish krona

Area: 450,295 Square Kilometers (173,860 Square Miles)

5 reasons to move to Sweden

  1. All about the environment

Sweden is considered one of the ‘Most Sustainable Country in the World’. And that is no surprise, considering that Sweden has been a leader in this field from the very beginning. First United Nations conference concerning the environment was held in 1972 in Stockholm.

Great amount of energy is here sourced from biogas, which is possible thanks to conscientious waste segregation in this country. Sweden also uses alternative forms of creating the energy such as wind power stations.

Moreover, swedish government underlines the importance of carbon dioxide issue. Sweden aims to reduce emission of greenhouse gases by 70% before 2030. It is worth noting that emitting CO2 is now taxed there. The country also aspires to have vehicles fully independent from fossil fuels.

Air pollution in Sweden is approximately 10.2 micrograms per cubic metre, which is only a half of the average value.

  1. High standards

You might have heard of high taxes there but it is not as bad as it sounds. Taxes are everywhere and no one likes paying them, but there, at least these are not lost money. Healthcare or education in Sweden are on incredibly high level and moreover, education itself, is free (for the member of the EU). And these are just the examples. Also, do not worry, if you earn less than 18,800 kr, you do not have to pay a tax.

  1. Modern and politically aware nation

Did you know that attendance in the last parliamentary election in Sweden was 87,18%? So rest be assured that in this country authorities work for the citizens.

Energy self-sufficiency, mentioned above, also would not be possible if it was not for the aware citizens caring for their clean water and unpolluted air.

The Swedish who hate women? ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ is certainly a great book but a little far from the truth. Maternity leave there is the longest in the world and it is actually maternity-paternity leave because it can be divided between both parents. It is also nearly 80% paid. What is more, the government controls the gender equality and equal pay there is a law, not a dream.

  1. Vikings, trolls and nordic mythology

Nowadays, of course, you are not going to meet a Viking, but between 8th and 11th century they were actually a thing. And trolls, and elves. But well, these ones are less real. However, they are a part of nordic believes. If you are planning to move to Sweden, you should at least have a basic knowledge about nordic mythology because it is a strong part of their culture. Besides, it is really interesting. 

  1. Beautiful scenery

Summing up, you will not meet a troll, but by going further north, you can meet a reindeer! And around these latitude, you may even be lucky and experience the polar night. 

Meanwhile, in a different part of the country, one can admire Swedish fjords, lakes and forests. With this kind of landscape around, it is no surprise that Swedish people are considered one of the most calm and the least stressed nations.

How to get a visa to Sweden?

Schengen citizens

If you are a citizen of an European Union country, moving to Sweden is an easy ride. In that case you have a right to stay in this country for 3 months without doing anything. After this time, you will probably need to register your stay in a City Hall by presenting your ID or passport and one of three documents:

  1. employment contract
  2. financial self-sufficiency and health insurance (if retired)
  3. proof of studying in Sweden

If you are from outside the Europe, there are of course a few different types of visa, but most of the required documents remain the same. So see what you are going to need.

General required documents:

  • the Sweden Visa Application form - printed and filled (you can also fill it on your computer and then get a hard-print copy)
  • 2 passport photos
  • your passport with at least two blank pages and a validity for minimum 3 months before return date (+ previous visa, if you have one)
  • a copy of return-ticket reservation (better do not actually buy it before getting the visa)
  • travel schedule and a cover letter showing the purpose of your journey
  • travel health insurance confirmation (its coverage must be at least 30,000 euro within Sweden) 
  • proof of civil status - marriage certificate, children's birth certificate, death certificate of the spouse, if applies
  • proof of funds - at the moment of applying for a visa to Sweden, one must be able to present a proof of being capable of spending at least 450 kr/day (48.26€) during the whole duration of intended stay
  • proof of a hotel reservation or other accommodation

Depending on the main purpose of your journey, next to the basic documents you are going to have to present for example: your current bank or pension statement of the latest 6 months, employment contract or enrollment proof.

When considering moving to Sweden you should probably apply for C or D type of visa. C type visa lets you visit the country multiple times and it is valid for one, three or five years, whereas D type visa is for those who want to work, study and permanently reside in Sweden.

Basic costs of living

Costs of living in Sweden are relatively high, but on the other hand earning are also high so it usually levels up. You are going to need around 1,167 kr  per day, average salary is whereas 26,000 kr per month.

one-bedroom apartment in the city centre, (monthly) 8,748.80 kr
meal at a regular restaurant100kr
dress in a chain store362.93 kr
milk, 1l11.59 kr
public transport monthly pass800 kr

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