PayPal Australia: Fees and Services

In the last 20 years, PayPal has become one of the most popular online payment platform. It is currently available in 200 countries and connects 295 million users worldwide. You will most likely come across PayPal, while shopping online, as most of the ecommerce platforms use it as one of the payment methods.

In this article we will cover the services and products available for Australian customers. Keep reading to learn about transaction costs for payments from Australia to any part of the World, setting up business account or even handling credit cards via PayPal platform.

Send money domestically

You can easily handle your everyday finances with PayPal. If you want to send money to your friend, split dinner bill or taxi fare, a simple domestic transaction is free of charge. However, it’s important to notice that the person you are trying to send money to needs to have a PayPal account also. You can simply order a payment to their email and they can register from the link there and receive the money. Once the money is on PayPal account it can be easily withdrawn to one’s bank account.

Send money internationally

If you need to make an international payment to an individual account, the process is similar to classic domestic payment. However, there will be additional costs for currency conversions or sending bigger amounts abroad. PayPal usually charges a certain “fixed fee” depending on which currency you want to send. For Australian Dollars, it’s 0.30AUD per transaction.

Buy something in Australia

Online shopping has become very convenient with PayPal being used by most of e-commerce stores. After you purchase a certain good, at the checkout there should be a special PayPal button, which lets you pay with one click of a button if you are logged into your account. PayPal also allows you to securely pay with your credit or debit card.

Buy something internationally

The process is identical to domestic purchase. However, keep in mind that they will need to adjust the price based on your currency and there may be additional charges for handling overseas transaction and a markup on exchange rates. Be careful when paying with a credit or debit card, as these generate quite a significant banking fees. It’s best to pay for a product directly from your PayPal balance. PayPal allows you to hold multiple currencies on one account. That way you can choose to pay with your foreign balance to avoid additional exchange costs.

PayPal Fees

Payment funded by your PayPal balancePayment with a debit or credit card
Sending money within Australiafree2.6% of the transaction + $0.30 fee
Sending money internationally0.99-5.99AUD + currency conversion fees0.99-5.99AUD + 2.6% + currency conversion fees
Buying something in Australiafree (if in AUD)free (if in AUD)
Buying something from abroadcurrency conversion feescurrency conversion fees


The flat fee is 5% of the total transaction sum, but it’s no lower than 0.99AUD and no higher than 5.99AUD.

In most cases the most significant charges will be related to currency conversions, as there is a markup on the exchange rates.

PayPal exchange rates

It’s hard to determine the exact rates, which are used to exchange the currency. The markup can reach around 2-4%. In the table below you can find the flat fees, which are added to your international currency transaction.

Currency receivedPersonal Transaction fixed fee
Australian Dollar$0.30 AUD
Brazilian Real0.60 BRL
Canadian Dollar$0.30 CAD
Czech Koruna10 CZK
Danish Krone2.60 DKK
Euro€0.35 EUR
Hong Kong Dollar$2.35 HKD
Hungarian Forint90 HUF
Israeli Shekel1.20 ILS
Japanese Yen¥40 JPY
Malaysian Ringgit2.0 MYR
Mexican Peso$4 MXN
New Zealand Dollar$0.45 NZD
Norwegian Krone2.80 NOK
Philippine Peso15 PHP
Polish Zloty1.35 PLN
Russian Ruble10 RUB
Singapore Dollar$0.50 SGD
Swedish Krona3.25 SEK
Swiss Franc0.55 CHF
Taiwan New Dollar10 TWD
Thai Baht11 THB
UK Pounds Sterling£0.20 GBP
US Dollar$0.30 USD

PayPal Business Account Fees

If you are running a business, you may want to learn the fees for merchants.

Payment typeAustralianInternational
Online Payments2.6% + $0.303.6% + fixed fee
Website Payments Pro – Hosted Solution1.75% + $0.303.6% + fixed fee
Invoices2.6% + $0.303.6% + fixed fee
PayPal Here card reader1.95%1.95%
PayPal Here – manual entry2.9% + $0.302.9% + fixed fee
Virtual Terminal3.6% + $0.304.6% + fixed fee
Donations1.1% + $0.302.1% + fixed fee


Keep in mind that Website Payments Pro have also an additional monthly $25 maintenance fee. Also, when it comes to donations, only verified charities can benefit from these cheaper rates.

What are PayPal alternatives for Australia?

If the rates or PayPal’s offer don’t suit your needs, you can easily research thousands of other online payment platforms. We’ve created lists of remittance companies, which can be sorted based on transaction fees, speed, safety or overall customer satisfaction. You can also use “compare tool”, where after you type your transfer details the algorithm will show you fees for your transaction in all of the available companies.

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