Traveling and Sending Money to Nigeria

Nigeria is a country located in West Africa. It borders Niger, Chad, Cameroon and Benin. It also abuts the Gulf of Guinea, which is a part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the more influencing countries on the continent. It is known as a big petroleum exporter and it is often associated with beautiful beaches, waterfalls and wildlife.

Official Name: Federal Republic of Nigeria

Form Of Government: Federal presidential constitutional republic

Capital: Abuja

Population: 204,630,242

Official Language: English

Currency: Naira

Area: 923,768 Square Kilometers (356,669 Square Miles)

How to Send Money to Nigeria?

Most of the remittance platforms as well as mainstream banks have a well-established connection with Nigeria, therefore there shouldn’t be any significant problems in sending money there. You can try at your favourite provider or look up the cheapest money transfers to Nigeria using compare tools and special algorithms on our platform. Below you can find an estimation of the costs and transfer time in the most popular remittance providers.

How much money transfer to Nigeria costs?

Fees for international money transfer of $1000 from USD to NGN.

ServiceCostsDelivery Time
MoneyGram$22few minutes
Ria Money Transfer$123-5 days
TransferWise$121-5 days
Remitly$121-3 days
Western Union$334 days
World Remit$281-3 days
Easy Exchange$245 days
Transfast$743-5 days
Azimo$371-3 days
TransferBee$443-5 days

5 reasons to visit to Nigeria

While the region is still developing, it has been gaining significant tourists attention, as well as an increased immigration level from neighbouring countries. Many wealthy individuals from Africa decide to settle in this country. So, what are the primary reasons to visit or move to Nigeria?

1. Melting pot

While moving to Nigeria, you will find yourself in the middle of variety you probably cannot imagine. There are more than 250 ethnic group living there. Many of them with their indigenous language, all of them with their own traditions.

There are also a few foreign minorities living there, like the Chinese or the Americans. But most of them live in Lagos or Abuja, which are the biggest and the most developed cities.

2. A lot to see

Firstly, big cities. Lagos and Abuja are really beautiful places, where modern buildings meet the tropical climate and the wildlife. There really are some great spots to visit there. For example Lagos is the capital of Nigerian music and movie industry and it is often called ‘Nollywood’. Also, the sightseeing could be a great introduction to the Nigerian history and culture.

Moreover, Nigeria has the most beautiful landscapes. It has rain forests, savannah, waterfalls, and other natural attractions.

3. Culture

As mentioned above, Nigeria is known for its diversity. There are even more languages than ethnic groups there. Precisely - over 500 of them. One can learn great traditions, a lot different from those on other continents, and take part in various fests that are characteristic for the Africans. Also, their spicy cuisine is a big yes.

4. Football

Football is a national sport in Nigeria and everyone are really excited about it. And their team - the ‘Super Eagles’ - is actually doing pretty decent in the World Cup. So if you are a football fun, you will definitely find some friends there.

5. Emerging country

At the moment, Nigeria is classified as the middle power in the international affairs, but it was considered an emerging market by the World Bank. It is called ‘the Giant of Africa’ not only due to its large population, but also economy. It is one of the biggest exporters in Africa, mostly because of its large oil resources. Big Nigerian cities are developing in the fast pace, carving out their position on the global market. So if you want to work in trade or own a start-up, better hurry before it becomes too popular.

Costs of living

People in Nigeria can live on 200-300$ per month, so having an average 1000$, one can feel like a king. Typical salary in Lagos is around 550$ a month.

Exemplary prices

One naira is equal to approximately 0,24 dollars.

Rice (1kg)714.51 ₦
Onion (1kg)436.95 ₦
One-bedroom apartment, monthly155,147.06 ₦

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