What is BSB number in Australian banking?

When making bank transactions you need to be familiar with lots of codes and numbers such as IBAN or BIC. However, if you are making any transactions in Australia you will face a code called BSB, which is short for Bank-State-Branch. It is a six-digit number that identifies banks and branches across Australia. You need this number alongside your recipient’s account number.

BSB code consists of three groups of numbers in a XXY-ZZZ format. The first two digits specify the recipient's bank. The third digit tells in which state the branch is located and the last three digits give the details about the specific branch.

You may also come across special type of code in New Zealand, however it looks quite different.

What is NCC number?

When it comes to sending money to New Zealand, you may need a National Clearing Code (NCC), which is used along with the bank’s account number. First six digits of all bank accounts in New Zealand depend on the NCC number.

National Bank of New Zealand’s number starts with 06 or 25. For the rest, it’s best to search for the number at their websites.

International Bank Wire to Australia

It’s important to remember for international money transfer you need both the SWIFT and BSB number of your recipient.

Where to find BSB code?

If you have an account in Australian bank you can find it in after logging into your online banking portal in the account details, alongside your account number. Remember, that you need to provide this number if someone outside the country wants to send you the money.

If you need to make a money transfer to Australia and you already know which bank your recipient use, in most cases you will be able to find the code on bank’s website. While some banks require you to know the specific branch code, others have universal codes for all branches, which makes it easy to send money there.

Popular BSB Codes

NAB’s BSB codes start with 08 or 8 and the remaining numbers can be found using tool on their website.

Commonwealth Bank BSB usually starts with 06 and also have a BSB locator on their page.

ANZ code begins with 01 and while their website may be hard to navigate through, there is a location section where you can choose to display details of particular branches.

There are also banks, which have universal codes, for example Bank of Queensland, with BSB 124-001 or Suncorp Bank, which identifies by 484-799.

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