What is KWD and which currency do you need in Kuwait?

If you are travelling to Kuwait you will need to acquire the local currency called Kuwait Dinar (KWD). US dollars or Euro aren’t accepted anywhere in the country. However, along with other popular currencies they can be easily exchanged in many places there. So don’t worry if you are already on the plane, but haven’t bought KWD yet.

What is Kuwait national currency?

KWD stands for Kuwait Dinar, which is the official currency of the country. They have interesting banknotes with nominals such as “¼” or “½” of KWD. The highest note is 20 dinars. It is subdivided into coins called fills.

Interestingly, in September 2019, the Kuwaiti dinar has become the world's highest-valued currency unit per face value. At the moment 1KWD = 3.3USD.

Where to get Kuwait currency?

Airports are the most convenient, yet the most expensive places to get currencies from. If you are looking for cheap currency conversion and favourable exchange rates try one of the local money exchange facilities. They almost always accept USD, EUR and GBP. There are also many ATMs throughout the cities, so if your bank doesn’t put high foreign cash withdrawals fees, you can easily get some KWD from there.

The financial system in Kuwait is well-developer, so you can also pay for services and goods using only your card.

What are the costs in Kuwait?

The country is considered rather luxurious and on the more expensive-side. You may not find too many cheaper places to sleep at, so you should prepare a budget of at least $100 per night. Food shouldn’t stress your budget too much, as you can easily eat for $20 at some smaller local restaurants or in stores. It is rather acceptable to bargain or ask for discounts when shopping.

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