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CapitalOne Card Review, Exchange Rates, Fees Calculator & User Score

  • Fees and costs: Good
  • Safety and reliability: Very Good
  • Customer satisfaction: Good


  • Free International Credit Card Payments
  • Cashback and reward cards
  • No need for strong credit history


  • High APR

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What is CapitalOne Card?

Capital One started by offering only credit cards products. Currently they also provide other banking services with loans or savings accounts. The bank is ranked 10th on the list of largest banks in the United States by assets. You can set up a debit card for your regular Capital One banking account or order a particular credit card based on your needs. The offer is quite versatile, and there are different cards if you want to get cashback and rewards with each payment or are, for example, looking for a safe card for your holidays and overseas payments.

How Does CapitalOne Card Work?

If you have a Capital One 360 banking account, you can order a debit card for more manageable payments. You can also set up overdraft options for the card if you lack funds for your purchase. When it comes to credit cards, they offer three main products for building credit, cashback rewards, and travel benefits. You can order: Platinum, QuicksilverOne Rewards, and VentureOne Rewards cards. For most of the card products, they don’t require any extraordinary credit history, and most people can easily apply.

CapitalOne Card Fees and Costs

Platinum Card, has no additional annual fees. The APR is set at around 26.99%. If you pay your first 5 months' expenses on time, you can get access to a higher credit line. For late payments, they can charge you up to $39 in penalties.

QuicksilverOne card costs $39 per year and gives you 1.5% cashback on every purchase. There is 26.99% variable APR.

VentureOne, which is aimed at travelers, has no annual fees, and there is 0% APR for the first 12 months, which is later changed to 14.24% - 24.24% variable APR. One of the most significant features of this card is that you won’t pay any additional transaction fees for foreign payments. You also earn “Miles” with each payment. These points can be exchanged for discounts and bonuses with CapitalOne’s partnered hotels, travel agencies, or even to buy cheaper flights.

CapitalOne Card Limits

The credit limit is set based on your credit history, and you can expect it to be set at around $1,000 to $10,000. You can start with a lower limit on your CapitalOne credit card, and by paying each month your expenses on time, you can negotiate better offer. When it comes to debit cards connected to your regular banking account, there may be ATM withdrawal limits or daily transaction numbers. However, in most cases, you can adjust these in your account settings online.

CapitalOne Card compared to other credit and debit cards

CapitalOne is undoubtedly one of the leading credit card providers among banks. Therefore you can expect a reliable service. However, their APR on the most popular cards is quite high, compared to the average market ones, as according to the Federal Reserve’s data, it’s set at around 15%. As an advantage acts the fact that you don’t have to have an excellent credit score to apply for the basic and even popular cards at CapitalOne. But other banks have a better offers for people with weaker credit scores.

How to use CapitalOne Card?

How to sign up for the card?

You can easily apply for a credit card online, and there is no need to visit the CapitalOne branch. The information provided online is quite transparent, but you can also contact the bank’s representatives to get the latest info and requirements.

Visit CapitalOne’s website, navigate to the credit card category, and choose the offer you like. Click “Apply Now” and fill out your personal information. Remember that you need to be a US citizen to apply for the cards. You may need to provide your full name, address, yearly income, and your monthly expenses such as mortgage or loans so that the bank can evaluate your financial capabilities.

Is CapitalOne Card safe and reliable?

CapitalOne has been on the credit card market for many years and has experience with providing such services. They are among the biggest banks in the USA and are fully regulated by financial agencies. Most of their credit card products have a theft protection, which means that if you ever lose your card and the thief will purchase expensive products with your card, you won’t be charged for these expenses. You can also conveniently keep track of your credit using online tools or mobile app. That way, you can always check how much money you have already spent.

Final Thoughts

CapitalOne Card Review

CapitalOne seems like a reliable choice for your credit card or overdraft debit cards. The annual percentage rates aren’t the best on the market, but the bank allows even people without a strong credit history to apply for the cards. If you pay each month on time, you can quickly negotiate better rates. The card suited for traveling acts as a great advantage, as you can use your credit card to pay for international payments without any additional fees. Other products include cashback and reward cards, which earn and save you money with each payment. The overall design of the platform and mobile app is quite good and makes it easy to research the information about any fees and features.

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