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Caribe Express Review, Exchange Rates, Fees Calculator & User Score

  • Fees and costs: Average
  • Transfer speed: Average
  • Safety and reliability: Average
  • Customer satisfaction: Average


  • Well-developed in Dominican Republic


  • Limited amount of supported countries
  • Can’t order the payment online

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What is Caribe Express?

They are part of a Carribean financial group and focus on providing money transfer services in the Dominican Republic. They want to create an easy way to receive and send money to the Dominican Republic through a network of local facilities. You can quickly receive the payment from the Caribbean Islands, United States, Spain, or Puerto Rico, just to name a few countries. Caribe Express can also help to handle your international documents through FedEx, DHL, and UPS.

How Does Caribe Express Work?

They can help you with the collection and delivery of home remittances throughout the territory of the Dominican Republic. You can also exchange dollars and euros there. What is unusual when it comes to remittance standards, is that they don’t allow you to order your payments online. Instead, you have to visit the Caribe Express branch location. Fortunately, they have many partnered places throughout the country, where you can receive and send money. They cooperate with online money transfer company Xoom. Therefore you can pick up these payments in Caribe Express facilities. You can also receive the funds directly to your local bank account.

Caribe Express Fees and Costs

For national transfers below 1,000 pesos, they have a fixed charge of 50 pesos. For bigger money orders, above 1,001, they start charging a fee of 5% of the whole transaction. When it comes to international fees, it costs $10 to send amounts below $150. More significant money transfers have a fee of 6% of the total amount.

Caribe Express Exchange Rate

You can exchange Dominican Pesos to Euros and Dollars. They add their hidden exchange fee. However, while the exchange rate is a little bit higher than the normal one, the markup is very insignificant, as it’s less than 1% above the market’s rate.

Caribe Express Limits

There is no information about minimum or maximum sendable amounts. Therefore it’s best to contact the company before ordering your payment. The amounts and limits could be based on potential local regulations.

Caribe Express compared to wire transfer and banks

While for some transfers, Caribe Express could offer cheaper services, in general, the prices don’t differ that much from some of the mainstream financial institutions. There are multiple online-based platforms, which offer much cheaper and more reliable international transactions. However, for the local area in which Caribe Express operates, it seems to be quite efficient.

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How to use Caribe Express?

It’s best to visit their local facility or contact a representative to talk about the latest rules and details of sending the payment. You can order a remittance through a telephone call. However you can’t do this online. If someone had sent you money, you can receive it to your local bank account or pick it up at the Caribe Express branch. They can also deliver money to your house.

Is Caribe Express safe and reliable?


There is not much information about their transfer practices. However, as it doesn’t take place online, but through banks and other institutions, the money is probably handled traditionally and through mutual settlements. The facilities need to be well-protected, as they store the physical cash deposited by the customers. However, they won’t be affected by any potential hacker attacks as it happens to online-based platforms.

Public Reception

There is not much information available online about the company. However it seems that they weren’t involved in any scandal and the local people are in general happy with the services in most cases.


There aren’t many reviews of Caribe Express, as the company focuses and operates in a limited local area and is not used worldwide. However, judging by the few comments that can be found online, the service often experience delay of the transfers, and the customer support has an uncertain quality. The rest of the customers reported that they had successfully sent money with Caribe Express fast and cheap.

“Excellent service, fast and efficient” ~ Maritza on Google

“Every time my family sends money *through Caribe Express) it is a problem, I always have to wait more than 3 days to collect the money. First they tell me that they will arrive soon at the house, so I stop doing my things and cancel my work and the delivery man never arrives and the days go by and I get tired of waiting. It has been always like that for the last 7 years but yesterday was the end!!! [...]” ~ writes Marlen in her Facebook review

Customer Support

The contact information is transparently provided on their website. You can reach Caribe Express through a phone call, fax, or email. There is also a network of local branches, where you can talk to their representatives face to face, order the transfer, and solve potential issues. Judging by the customers' reviews, the call support may be hard to cooperate with.

Final Thoughts

Caribe Express Review

Caribe Express operates in the Dominican Republic and can be used both for national and international transfers. However, there is a limited amount of supported countries, so you can’t send money everywhere. They accept Xoom payments, which you can pick up in their local facility. One of the drawbacks is the lack of online presence or online platform, as you can’t order the money transfer through the Internet. Instead, you need to visit their facility or call the support. There aren’t many Caribe Express reviews, but some of the users complain about frequent delays and unhelpful customer support. The overall design of the webpage and the exchange rates are very good.

Our users comments

Don't use this service. It is very bad I sent money to my fiancee 3 times to her bank account in Dominican republic. It shouldn't take more than 15 to 20 minutes after 24 hours the money is not deposited . Ridiculous Third world service Use Western Union instead Caribe Express is a rip off

~ José Julio alves

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