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What is Chase Card?

Chase is part of JPMorgan Chase & Co, which is one of the biggest investment banks in the world. Chase Bank has more than 5,000 branches and a network of around 16,000 ATMs. The company has an extensive credit and debit card offer. There are almost 30 cards to choose from. You can find reward and cashback cards, travel cards, and brand-focused cards such as Disney or Starbucks cards.

Both the credit and debit cards, connected to your Chase bank accounts can be used overseas for international payments and withdrawals from ATMs all over the world.

How Does Chase Card Work?

You can choose from numerous card types with different features, such as earning cash with each purchase or collecting points, which can be redeemed for discounts and various rewards. The regular debit card is connected to your Chase Checking Account. You can also choose accounts to earn interest on your money and still be able to spend it on a daily basis. All of the cards are issued with Visa standards.

Chase Card Fees and Costs

There are different fees for each Chase card. The basic “Chase Freedom” credit card has no additional monthly or yearly charges and gives you 5% of a cashback. APR is variable and at around 17.24% - 25.99%. For foreign transactions, you need to pay 3% of the amount.

The debit card connected to your banking account costs $12. However the fee can be waived if you make at least $500 deposit each month or hold a balance above $1500. It costs $2.50 for overseas payments and $5 for ATM withdrawals abroad. The exchange rates are determined with a Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), which means you can’t really be sure at what rate your money is converted.

Chase Card Limits

The average credit limit on the card is $10,000. However you can negotiate higher amounts if you always pay on time and have good credit history.

When it comes to the debit card limits, they can be adjusted in your banking account settings.

Chase Card compared to other credit and debit cards

Chase has a very extensive card offer, and it seems any feature from different banks can be found at Chase. It’s also a reputable and well-experienced company. Therefore the security standards are quite high. The cards are issued via VISA, so it’s an industry standard, found in other banks. The APRs on credit cards are also similar to the market average.

How to use Chase Card?

The card already follows most of the financial standards from other parts of the world, such as a special chip in a card for easier payments, which is widely used in Europe. As the card is issued by VISA, which is a popular card processor, there shouldn’t be any problems with withdrawing money at ATMs all over the world.

How to sign up for the card?

It’s best to visit the bank’s branch or contact their representative to get the latest information about the offer and how to apply for the Chase card.

If you want to get a debit card, first, you need to open a regular bank account with Chase. Then, for an extra fee, you will be able to order the card.

For credit cards, you can apply online. You need to fill out all of your personal information and provide information about your annual income, job details, and monthly expenses.

Is Chase Card safe and reliable?

The card itself is protected with a chip and a secure PIN number. Moreover, in case your card gets lost or stolen, you won’t be charged for any unauthorized transactions, so your money is always safe. The company monitors your account activity 24/7 to spot any unusual transactions and will immediately let you know when someone tries to steal your money.

Final Thoughts

Chase Card Review

On the one hand, Chase seems to have one of the largest and versatile card offer among mainstream banks. However, when it comes to fees, especially the costs of international transfers, they are quite expensive, so it may not be the best choice for frequent travelers. There are also travel and foreign currency cards available, but some independent online platforms can provide cards, which combine all of these features. As an advantage acts the fact that Chase, as part of J.P. Morgan is a very well-established and reliable bank, therefore you can expect high-quality services and don’t have to worry about the safety of your funds. The cards use VISA standards, so there shouldn’t be any problems while using them all over the world. The brand-focused cards are an interesting feature, as you can order credit cards and get rewards from using Starbucks frequently, for example.

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