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EasySend Review, Exchange Rates, Fees Calculator & User Score

  • Fees and costs: Very Good
  • Transfer speed: Very Good
  • Safety and reliability: Good
  • Customer satisfaction: Very Good


  • Free transfers from UK to Poland


  • Limited to EU
  • Detailed verification required for higher transfers

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What is EasySend?

EasySend has noticed that the current bank rates and charges are quite unfavorable based on the real costs of international transfers and current technological possibilities. With that in mind, they want to create a way to send the money to anywhere in the world easily. They specialize in European transfers and have established the best roads for transferring the money between the UK, Poland, and Ireland.

How Does EasySend Work?

You can send money to any European Union country. The best connections and support are established for the UK, Poland, Ireland, German, or Netherlands transfers. They also allow you to send money to be picked up at Post Offices. You can pay additionally for fast and super-fast transfers, which are delivered to your recipient within an hour or even minutes.

All you have to do to start sending money is to register an account, fill out your recipient details, and make a transfer from your bank or using your card. If you want to spend less than 300GBP, you don’t need to undergo any special verification. For higher amounts, they may require you to send photos or copies of some documentation, such as your ID or home address.

EasySend Fees and Costs

To test the quality of the service, you can try the first transaction for free. Then, there is an interesting incentive for users who make regular transfers with EasySend, as every 10th fast transfer is also free of charge.

The costs may differ slightly from country to country; however, in most cases, it costs 0.99GBP per transfer. If the transfer requires a currency conversion, it costs 3.5GBP.

It’s worth noting that Poland is well-supported by this platform, and in many cases, the transactions from and to this country are the cheapest or even free of charge.

EasySend Exchange Rate

When making an international transfer, which requires a currency conversion, there is an additional fee added to the sole transfer processing costs. There is no detailed information about the exchange rates used by the platform. However, by using their website calculator, it seems that the markup on the exchange rates is set at around 2% of the total amount.

EasySend Limits

You can send up to 300GBP without needing to provide any extra documentation. After exceeding this amount, you may be asked to undergo an additional verification process. It is an industry-standard and is needed for the company to comply with all of the financial laws and regulations.

The basic transaction limit is set at 1,000EUR. If you want to send more than that within 90 day period, you need to provide them with a scan of an identity document or proof of your address. The next barrier is set at 15,000EUR. If you want to increase it, you need to contact the company for further details. They may need to ask you for proof of the source of your funds.

EasySend compared to wire transfer and banks

The transfer costs are undoubtedly significantly cheaper than international transfers with regular banks. Moreover, you can benefit from a few free transactions. The exchange rates itself are quite high compared to other online platforms. But compared to mainstream banks, they are still very attractive. The transfer is often delivered within a day, and you can pay extra for even faster transaction speed. The company is regulated by FCA, so the security standards should also be on a good level.

How to use EasySend?

How to sign up?

Sign up on the platform and provide them with your personal information. Depending on how much money you want to send, you may need to provide different documentation for verification.

Is EasySend safe and reliable?


The company complies with all of the European financial laws and is authorized by FCA to provide payment services. Moreover, they have been granted permission by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority to perform payment service activities in Poland within the EU internal market.

Your bank or credit card information is encrypted so that they don’t have access to your information. EasySend uses GeoTrust, which is the second-largest issuer of SSL certificates (CA) in the world.

Public Reception


The majority of the reviews found online are positive. The users especially praise the cheap transfers to Poland and don’t experience any significant problems. Moreover, the users report that the money is often delivered the same day or the day after.

“Very happy and assured. I have used the service multiple times by now and has never been disappointed. Also very quick and efficient.” ~ writes Leni on TrustPilot

“This is very comfortable service, always gets the money on time in PL or UK. Saves money if compared to doing transfer via bank, much better exchange rate. Very helpful customer service. I will recommend them to others.” ~ writes Wojciech in his EasySend review on TrustPilot

The only potential drawback, which is reported, is the tedious verification process. Some users report that they had trouble getting verified, and their documentation was refused.

Customer Support

The contact section is divided into Polish and UK support. However, there are also representatives for European cases. You can call them during their working hours or reach them through email. There is also a small FAQ section with answers for the most common problems if you need a quick help with registration or sending the transfer.

Final Thoughts

EasySend Review

EasySend may be the best choice if you need to send money between the UK and Poland, as these countries have the best support and lowest transfer costs. In some cases, the transfers are even free of charge, which is a significant advantage. Sending money to other Europan countries or converting the currencies may be quite expensive, however still cheaper than using your regular international bank wire. When it comes to the safety and design of the platform, it seems that it is very well-developed. You can use their online tool to calculate the costs of the transfer. The customers report that the transactions are indeed fast and are often delivered within two days.

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