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Fairfx Review, Exchange Rates, Fees Calculator & User Score

  • Fees and costs: Very Good
  • Transfer speed: Good
  • Safety and reliability: Very Good
  • Customer satisfaction: Good


  • Best exchange rate guarantee
  • Well-designed platform


  • Minimum transfer amount is 100GBP
  • Limited amount of supported countries and currency pairs

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What is Fairfx?

Fairfx is a company, which specializes in handling currencies, whether it’s exchanging money, sending international transfers or providing travel and holiday cards. The company is based in London, UK and has been on the market since 2007. One of their leading policies is that if you find a better rate on the market, they will refund the difference.

Their primary focus is put on the European market, as their best currency pairs include GBP and EUR, which can be exchanged to other popular European currencies, as well as USD, Canadian Dollar, Japanese YEN and many more.

How Does Fairfx Work?

You can send and exchange money with them for better rates than the ones provided by the majority of mainstream banks, which make them a good alternative for international payments. They cooperate with various financial institutions, so your recipient can receive the payment directly to his bank account. You can send money online at any time of the day. Transfers larger than 100GBP are free of charge and if you plan to send some significant amount of money you can contact their representative to negotiate better rates or even get an expert to help manage your currencies.

One can also purchase the currency and withdraw it from many ATMs locations all over the world, which makes Fairfx a good platform for acquiring and holding foreign currencies, which may come in handy for frequent travellers.

They also offer dedicated holidays cards, which eliminate conversion fees and lower the international payment and ATM withdrawal charges. It is a great option for tourists, who don’t want to carry the holiday money in their pockets or get charged by their banks for overseas transactions. There is also a separate special card offer with benefits like cashback and points for purchases.

Fairfx Fees and Costs

There are no charges for issuing an international money transfer. However, there might be a markup on the exchange rate.

Fairfx Exchange Rate

Fairfx advertises itself to offer the best exchange rates on the market. Moreover, the more money you want to send the better are the rates. However, this makes smaller transfers quite pricey.

They have a “FairPay Price Guarantee” policy, which ensures that if you happen to find better rates elsewhere they will refund you the difference. Please note that there are some requirements for it to happen. As the currency market is constantly fluctuating you need to prove that some other platform had better rates for your currency pair within 30 minutes of your transaction.

Fairfx Limits

The lowest amount you can send is 100GBP.

Fairfx compared to wire transfer and banks

Their exchange rates are in most cases very close to the mid-market rates, which makes them quite competitive. It is significantly cheaper to send money with Fairfx compared to the majority of mainstream banks.

How to use Fairfx?

How to sign up?

Visit FairFx platform and navigate to the Sign In panel at the top of the website. Fill in your personal information.

Is Fairfx safe and reliable?


Fairfx is based in UK and has been on the market for more than 13 years. They are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Fairfx has handled over 30 million bank transfers and merchant payments globally and is processing more than $10M dollars in currencies each month. They are also committed to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking and are only cooperating with companies complying with these social and ethical policies.  

Your account can be protected with a Two-Factor Authentication.


A high percentage of FairFx reviews seem to be positive. The customers report that they have used the service for many years without any significant struggles.

“I have been with Fair Fx for 10 years now. If I have any problems they have an answer and sort it. Always get a good exchange rate as well. 1st class service. Thank you.” ~ Roger on TrustPilot.com

“I have used FairFx for five years to transfer money to my account in France. I have never had a problem. The transfers have always been fast and efficient with emails to keep me updated of the transfer process.” ~ Lyn on compareholidaymoney.com

The majority of negative reviews focus on other services provided by the company such as holiday cards, therefore one can assume that international transfers and currency conversions with Fairfx should go rather smoothly.

Customer Support

Depending on the character of your issue you can contact different departments for the support. There is a dedicated email and phone number for customers who are currently abroad and have problems with the cards or to report a stolen or lost card. For money transfers you can contact the service Monday to Friday, from 8:30am to 5:30pm via phone or an email. They promise to reply within 24 hours and judging by the reviews and reports the customer support seems to be rather effective.

Final Thoughts

Fairfx Review

Fairfx seems to be a good platform to handle currencies and transfer money in Europe. There is a limited amount of supported countries, which may be a major disadvantage. However, the guaranteed best rates can make up for it, as the company promises to refund you a difference if there is a cheaper offer on the market. The transfers can be quite pricey for smaller transactions, but the more money you send the better are the rates. The majority of user reviews are positive and while there were some problems reported regarding other services provided by Fairfx, such as travel cards, the international transfers are being handled flawlessly.

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