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Jet Peru Review, Exchange Rates, Fees Calculator & User Score

  • Fees and costs: Bad
  • Transfer speed: Very Good
  • Safety and reliability: Good
  • Customer satisfaction: Average


  • JetCash mobile wallet
  • Locations all over Peru


  • Not available worldwide
  • Costs increase for bigger transfers

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What is Jet Peru?

Jet Peru has been operating on the financial market for more than 37 years. They want to provide smooth money transfer and exchange services for Peru, but also offer international remittances. The company has established a network of partners all over the world to process payments faster. With the focus of connecting Peruvians and enabling them financially all over the world, their motto says:

“Distance does not exist when Jet Peru is the link between you and your family."

How Does Jet Peru Work?

To send money through Jet Peru, you need to visit one of their local facilities located all over Peru. All you need to do is bring the money and your ID to set up the transaction there. You can also exchange the funds at the facility.

What is JetCash?

Alternatively, you can use their online service called JetCash, which is a mobile platform to handle your finances with your smartphone. It acts as a mobile wallet and can be connected to a debit card for more manageable payments. You can order an international remittance through the app.

The company explains how JetCash works:

“Through the JetCash Electronic Wallet you can send and receive remittances, change currencies, transfer and withdraw money, buy from affiliated establishments, recharge your balance to mobile phones and many other secure and online operations.”

Transaction Time

If there is JetPeru’s partner in your recipient’s country, the money will be delivered within a few minutes. The transfer can take longer if it needs to be processed through regular international bank wire or other intermediaries. You can check on JetPeru’s webpage, which countries have active partners and local agencies.

Jet Peru Fees and Costs

The price depends on the amount you want to send. For smaller transactions up to $100, it costs from $5 to $9. For more significant payments, the fees increase up to $335 for sending $10,000. However, after a certain amount is exceeded, they take a percentage-based charge.

Jet Peru Exchange Rate

JetPeru exchanges only Soles, Dollars, and Euros. Moreover, the EUR currency is acceptable only in cash and can’t be processed and exchanged online. The company can adjust the prices and offer you better rates if you want to exchange more than $1,000.

You can also set up the deal via a phone call, and after you make the payment, they will send you the exchanged amount to your bank account.

Jet Peru Limits

In general, there aren’t any specific limits. However, the amounts can be restricted for some locations. In most cases, you can without a problem send from $5,000 to $10,000 or even more. The minimum amount is one dollar.

Jet Peru compared to wire transfer and banks

The company can offer very fast international money transfers thanks to its well-developed network. Your money can be delivered within 15 minutes to the other side of the world, however, in terms of transfer costs, they offer similar prices to mainstream banks and financial companies. Therefore, it’s not the most cost-efficient to use Jet Peru, especially for larger payments, which can cost even a couple of hundreds to process.

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How to use Jet Peru?

To send, receive, or exchange money through Jet Peru, it’s best to visit their local branch or call a representative to get the latest information, as the primary service operates offline. If you want to manage your finances online, you can download their mobile application JetCash.

How to use JetCash?

JetCash is available both on Android and iOS, so all you have to do is visit Google Play or App Store and download it there. Then you can continue the in-app registration process. You can also order a plastic card to be connected with your mobile account so that you can pay quickly for goods in any store.

Is Jet Peru safe and reliable?


The company is reputable and has operated on the market for many years. Therefore one can assume it’s somewhat reliable. The company is regulated and registered and needs to comply with all of the international laws. However, there doesn’t seem to be much information online about their security measures. Moreover, there could be more transparency when it comes to their procedures.

Public Reception

While the reviews are mixed, there hasn’t been any notable scandal or scam accusations towards the platform.


There isn’t much information available online about the company, and its services. However, from what can be found, the users experience some frequent problems with Jet Peru. Most of the complaints are focused on the quality of customer support, as in most cases, they can’t solve people’s transfer problems.

“They sent me a transfer from NY and the agency there said that the shipment was already here in Lima, but here they said that there was no transfer and they blamed it on the NY agency” ~ Ana in Facebook review

“Very bad service. Terrible customer support, spoiled and arrogant when asking to provide information about your order arrive time.” ~ Jamilie in Facebook review

On the other hand, some people praise the locations of facilities and accessibility, as it makes it easy to order, pick-up, and exchange money in your city.

“Secure and with a good exchange rate. Also, the facility is conveniently located, which allows me to do the shopping too. I don’t like that sometimes they restrict the amount to buy dollars at night.” ~ Kristhian in Facebook review

“Good service, I loved the attention of the San Isidro agency, recommended!” ~ Aaron in Facebook review

However, judging by the limited amount of feedback and activity around the platform, there seem to be more reliable alternatives for online international remittances. On the other hand, if you are looking for a convenient local company to set up everything in person, Jet Peru has multiple locations in Peru. It makes it easy for local people to handle their finances.

Customer Support

You can visit the local branch of the company or call their phone number to reach customer support. According to the customers' reviews, the staff might not offer the best help available.

Final Thoughts

Jet Peru Review

JetPeru with their mobile JetCash app seems like a good alternative for Peruvian people to handle their finances and send money both locally and internationally. However, the service isn’t as well supported in different parts of the world, and there are simply better alternatives for international payments from people from other countries. Their network of partnered locations makes it fast and easy to send the money, as they will most likely have a branch near you if you are living in Peru. The transfer costs are similar to bank fees, and the transfer becomes expensive very quickly, especially if you want to send a bigger order. The design of the platform could be better, and they could provide their information more transparently.

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