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NAB Traveller Card Review, Exchange Rates, Fees Calculator & User Score

  • Fees and costs: Good
  • Safety and reliability: Very Good
  • Customer satisfaction: Bad


  • No monthly or yearly costs
  • Free balance topups
  • Can hold up to 10 foreign currencies


  • Frequent technical problems
  • Lack of transparency in conversion fees

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What is the NAB Traveller Card?

NAB is one of the leading banks in Australia. They offer various banking services for individual customers, but also businesses and corporations. In their credit card offer, they have different low interest rate cards and reward cards. There is also a well-developed offer for travel, holidays and overseas payments. You can get personal loans for your travel trips, holiday insurance, buy foreign currency in cash or get NAB’s travel card. It allows you to hold multiple foreign currencies for easier international payments.

How Does NAB Traveller Card Work?

This card works more in a pre-paid way, where you need to load the foreign currencies in order to use them later during your travel. One of the interesting features is that there is no age limit to apply for the card. You can load: Australian Dollar, US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Canadian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, Thai Baht, Hong Kong Dollar.

NAB Traveller Card Fees and Costs

NAB wants to offer you the card without any additional charges, apart from currency conversions. It is free to top-up the card or withdraw the funds from ATMs. Moreover, there is no “inactivity fee”. This means there are no monthly or yearly costs, even if you don’t use your card frequently.

You can load up to 10 different currencies to your NAB’s travel card. If you need to pay in a currency that you don’t have, they will apply regular Mastercard’s exchange rate. There is also NAB’s conversion fee of 4% of the total amount.

NAB Traveller Card Limits

The minimum top up amount is 50AUD, and you can’t have more than 45,000AUD on your card. Daily ATM withdrawal limit is set at 3000AUD. Any other restrictions may be connected with regulations and laws of particular countries.

NAB Traveller Card compared to other credit and debit cards

Many banks offer a card suited for frequent travellers, who make a lot of overseas payments. NAB’s rates seem to be quite satisfactory, especially because there are no additional fees for ordering and maintaining the card. It is also free to load and withdraw the balance. However, NAB foreign currency conversion fee of 4% of the transaction amount is quite expensive.

Unfortunately, there are numerous negative reviews available online. Many customers report that the travel card often doesn’t work abroad and there are problems with withdrawing money from foreign ATMs and they charge additional fees. Moreover, NAB international exchange rates aren’t the best on the market, and there are other online platforms which offer cheaper exchanging services. However, you can avoid conversion costs by loading proper currencies to your card, as you can hold even 10.

“I don’t see the point to this card as it doesn’t work anywhere. I have tried over a dozen ATM machines in Europe and yet to be able to withdraw money. I have 300€ sitting in my account that I can’t access.” ~ Kat on

“Cheap to activate, expensive to operate. Fees charged for almost every transaction!” ~ G Mew on

On the other hand, many people note that most of the fees come from third-party banks, and NAB itself doesn’t charge any additional fees for these overseas payments. Therefore, if you carefully choose which ATMs you use, you can easily avoid any additional costs. Also, if you already have a NAB bank account, you can easily transfer the funds to your card and manage it through your online account.

“I was a bit sceptical after reading the reviews, this was the best decision ever I am still in Singapore, I am an existing nab customer so have access to my savings to do a quick transfer in the account straight away.” ~ Marie83 on

How to use the NAB Traveller Card?

To start using the card load up the first 50AUD and you can start paying in different currencies and countries all over the world.

How to sign up for the card?

To get the card, you need to visit your local branch of NAB bank. They don’t have an online application form, however, the process is quite simple, and you should have your card after only a few minutes.

It’s worth noting that you can manage your card settings and activity via NAB’s online banking, even without having a regular bank account with them. After you register, in the “My Account” section you can check your balance, move money from one currency to another currency and review your transaction history.

Is NAB Traveller Card safe and reliable?

NAB is a fully regulated bank, which needs to comply with all of the financial laws and regulations. The card itself is protected by both a chip and a PIN number. There is a 24/7 working emergency call centre available in case you lose your card or need to report a fraud attempt. You also get a second backup card.

Final Thoughts

NAB Traveller Card Review

To sum up, when it comes to the costs of NAB Traveller Card, there are no yearly or monthly fees for having it and you can top-up the card for free. Most of the expenses are connected with exchanging currencies or using foreign ATMs, which may apply their own charges. It is easy to get the card, and you can manage it through NAB’s online platform or mobile app, which is very convenient. The information could be provided more transparently, as it’s hard to research the actual conversion fees and in most cases they are unknown. Many customers reported that they had experienced problems with the card, while there is also a group of people who use it frequently for cheaper overseas payments.

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