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Paypal for Business Review, Exchange Rates, Fees Calculator & User Score

  • Fees and costs: Average
  • Transfer speed: Very Good
  • Safety and reliability: Very Good
  • Customer satisfaction: Good


  • Well-established and recognizable
  • Good API, easy to connect to your online store
  • No monthly fees for having the account


  • Lots of small fees for each transaction and purchase
  • High markup on exchange rates

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What is Paypal for Business?

PayPal is one of the first online payment processors and has been one of the most popular platforms to send international money quickly or use for online shopping. Many online vendors use the platform to sell their items much easier, as it takes the user just a few clicks to buy something and pay through PayPal services.

PayPal for business brings a unique API and technology to connect it to your shops or simply use the account to receive and send almost instant international payments.

How Does Paypal for Business Work?

There is detailed documentation, which explains how to connect PayPal to your platform or store. Then, you will be able to handle all of the sales through them and adjust the tools to your needs. You can add a “Pay with PayPal” button to your site and get instant notification once someone purchases something. Moreover, they can process the transaction in most of the currencies. Therefore, you can expand your business in other countries and build your customer base all over the world.

Paypal for Business Fees and Costs

As you can easily connect the PayPal platform to your business or online store, the fees are based on your sales and the transactions made. PayPal can help you handle your online store any US sales for 2.9% of the transaction amount and an additional flat fee of $0.3 for processing it. International purchases will cost you 4.4% plus potential exchange fees, depending on the foreign currency.

The significant advantage comes with withdrawing the funds from your PayPal online account into your business bank account, as it’s completely free.

If you run a charity organization and want to manage the fundraising through PayPal, they can offer you special cheaper rates.

Paypal for Business Exchange Rate

Most of the costs connected to your international sales come with the different fees for processing different currencies. For example, there is a flat fee of 0.30 AUD per transaction in AUD or 0.35 EUR for processing EUR payments and so on. The whole table is available transparently on the PayPal website in the fees section, and you may need to check it if you have a lot of overseas sales.

There is also a possibility to convert the currency, and the PayPal markup seems to be set at around 2.5% above the average market rate.

Paypal for Business Limits

Most of the limits are about withdrawing the money. You can order an instant transfer to your bank account up to $25,000 per transaction.

PayPal for Business compared to other business accounts

Good integration with your platform or online store acts as a significant advantage over regular business bank accounts, which can only store your funds and help with financial decisions. PayPal acts as a full payment processor for your business and also allows you to withdraw the funds directly to your bank account without any additional costs. There are a lot of small fees for every transaction or purchase your customer makes. However, the total costs seem to be significantly lower than if you’d wanted to handle the international payments yourself. It can act both as an extension but also your main place to manage your business finances. On the other hand, banks offer you a variety of insurance and loan offers to secure and fund your business.

How to use Paypal for Business?

Business API

PayPal provides both basic and advanced tools for online businesses. The API enables basic payment processing for your store, including PayPal payments, direct credit card payments, authorization, or a refund system. Other tools allow you to set up express checkout, handle your invoicing, or receive instant payment notifications. You can adjust the tools as you need, there is well-detailed documentation on how to set everything up.

How to sign up?

Just click on the “Sign up” button, and you will be redirected to a registration page, where you can choose your account type. Choose “Business Account,” follow the instructions on the screen and fill out all of the information. There are no monthly or other hidden fees for simply having the account.

Is Paypal for Business safe and reliable?

PayPal is one of the most popular services for online payments, and for many customers out there, a safe method to buy something online. Having your platform connected to PayPal may increase the reliability of your platform, as people have got used to paying for things online through PayPal. This allows them to make transactions even without account, simply with their credit cards, for example.

The sole platform is well-developed and meet all of the high-class security standards. They also care about your potential customers, as they state that: “If an eligible item that you’ve bought online doesn’t arrive, or doesn’t match the seller’s description, PayPal's Buyer Protection may reimburse you for the full amount of the item plus postage.”

What’s more, you as a business owner, are also protected against potential scams or charge-backs and unfair customers: “If you received an unauthorized payment or a buyer claims he never received his item, our Seller Protection can help you get the full amount of an eligible payment, subject of a claim, chargeback, or reversal and waive the chargeback fee, if applicable.”

Customer Support

You can call PayPal customer support phone number or reach them through an email and online form. There is also a well-developed FAQ and help section, which can answer most of your initial questions and solve potential problems quickly.

Final Thoughts

Paypal for Business Review

PayPal has been on the market for many years and has built their position as the leading choice for handling online payments. You can surely expect a reliability and high-quality services, however in terms of costs, it can quickly become expensive, as literally every transaction made has a fee. Therefore, there are undoubtedly some cheaper alternatives out there to use as your payment processors for your business or online store. PayPal offers a different range of services compared to regular business bank accounts. However, you can easily connect both of them. The overall design of the platform, and the convenience of the API and the included documentation is on a very high level. It is easy to set up and use.

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