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What is the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Wire Transfer?

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has been established almost 300 years ago and is offering various financial services. They were the second-largest bank in the UK and Europe and at one point, even the first in the world. Currently, they can help you handle your finances. You can set up a current account, get a mortgage or a personal loan. With their money transfer services, you can order both domestic and international payments, with the offer focusing on European countries.

How Does the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Wire Transfer Work?

To start sending international payments, you need to open a personal account at RBS. They have multiple account offers, and you can contact their representative to figure out which suits your needs. The basic account is free and allows you to use a mobile banking app, assigned debit card, or even connect Apple Pay or Google Pay for payments with your phone.

After you register, you can start making your payments. Just fill out the money order information, and they will take care of the rest for you.

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Wire Transfer Fees and Costs

It costs 10GBP to send EUR to European countries and 22GBP to the rest of the world. If you need a fast domestic transfer, for 20GBP, you can order same day money delivery. Fast international money transfers cost 30GBP and are delivered in 1-2 days.

Be cautious, as your recipient’s bank or processing intermediaries could add up extra charges and fees. When making the transfer, you have an option to choose who will pay the extra charges, you can leave them for your recipient.

Depending on the type of account you have set up, you may also be charged some monthly operational fees.

From country

Receiver country

You send




Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Wire Transfer Exchange Rate

The exchange rates are around 2%-3% more expensive than the market ones. And while not all of the world currencies are supported, all of the European and other popular currencies are available for exchange, for example USD, EUR, PLN, YEN, or IRN, just to name a few.

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Wire Transfer Limits

The maximum amount you can send through RBS international transfer network is 10,000GBP per day. The limits are higher for domestic transfers.

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Wire Transfer compared to online platforms

Most of the independent online payment processors seem to offer more variety of currencies and supported transfer locations. The costs of bank transfer are also quite high, and the competition is able to provide better fees and even exchange rates. However, as RBS is a well-established mainstream bank, it seems to be reliable and safe to use.

How to use the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Wire Transfer?

How to sign up?

You can easily set up an account online. Visit RBS online platform, find suitable account offer, and click on the register button. All you need is a valid ID. The bank may also ask you some additional questions and require documentation to prove your identity, address, and money source. The registration process is quite simple, and you should be ready within 15 minutes.

Is Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Wire Transfer safe and reliable?


There haven’t been any notable security breaches, and the bank needs to comply with all of the regulations and financial laws. As RBS has been on the market for almost 300 years, one can assume that it’s rather well-established and reliable.

They also prepared a campaign to educate people on how to avoid online scams and money extortions. On the platform, you can read how to spot phishing mails or other fraud attempts. Moreover, if you complied with all of the security measures and lost money because of some hacker, the bank is willing to refund you the lost money and help solve the case.

Royal Bank Secure provides you also with additional security when shopping online at participating merchants. On selected transactions, they may send you a passcode for verification to make sure that it’s really you making this transaction.

Public Reception

Throughout the years, RBS hasn’t been able to avoid controversies and faced public backlash couple of times. Their customers had a problem with the bank granting the staff massive bonuses, despite a financial crisis at the company. They had also closed many branches in remote towns, which cut out customers from local support. High street Royal Bank of Scotland branches was also targeted by protests after the bank was challenged over its financing of oil and coal mining.


There aren’t many online reviews or opinions about the bank and how efficient are their international money transfers, but it seems that many people have used RBS successfully for many years.

“I have been 30 years on and off,with the RBS. I have never had anything to complain about. Customer service have always sorted any problems out for me. I know branches have closed, but if you think RBS are a bad bank, try some of the other banks… I tried them all. RBS pays my direct debits on time, unlike other banks.” ~ George on Trustpilot

Even though the bank promises you to help in case of fraud attempts or stolen funds, the customers are reporting that this part of the service doesn’t seem to be working very well and it’s hard to communicate and solve the issue with the customer support:

“If, like me, you have been a victim of fraud the last thing you want is to find it virtually impossible to contact the bank fraud department. I have just spent the best part of 45 minutes making various phone calls and hanging on in a vain attempt to contact the fraud department. I have now given up.” ~ Stephen on Trustpilot

There were also some cases of uncertain security standards:

“This bank is totally irresponsible. I had my identity stolen and they allowed them to open an account with a 2750 overdraft with no money in account. They said they reported it to CIFAS. I am still left with the debt on my Clearscore account.” ~ Grace on Trustpilot

It’s hard to evaluate the final customer satisfaction, as the majority of the comments seem to complain about different aspects of the bank operations. However, the company has also thousands of other customers who don’t leave negative reviews and keep using the service despite intense competition and different alternative financial institutions.

Customer Support

You can call the customer support or visit your local branch to solve your issue or talk about the latest offers. There are different phone numbers available on the bank’s website, based on the issue you are trying to solve. Just contact the most relevant department during the working hours.

Final Thoughts

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Wire Transfer Review

When it comes to general money transfer services, RBS, unfortunately, isn’t able to compete with independent online financial platforms, who are able to offer the transfers much cheaper and faster. The bank offer is also not the best one among mainstream banks in general. While the company is well-established and has been operating on the market for many years, the information about them is not transparent, and there aren’t many reviews and opinions about the services.

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