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Small World Review, Exchange Rates, Fees Calculator & User Score

  • Fees and costs: Bad
  • Transfer speed: Good
  • Safety and reliability: Very Good
  • Customer satisfaction: Bad


  • Available worldwide
  • Multi-language support
  • Different transfer methods
  • Well-designed platform
  • No transfer limits


  • Quite expensive
  • Mixed customers’ reviews

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What is Small World?

Small World is a global money transfer company. You can order an online transfer directly to someone’s bank account or set up cash pickup in thousands of locations all over the world. Their main vision is to make the world “smaller”, as the name suggests, by connecting people, families and businesses together and letting them transfer money efficiently despite the distance. The company has been operating on the remittance market for over 13 years now and processes more than 15 million transactions each year.

One of the major features of Small World is that they operate in almost every country in the world. You can send and receive money anywhere and in case of any problems receive local support from their representatives. As they state on their website: “whether you have a question about transferring to Argentina or Nigeria, we will be there for you!”

There are 6 different ways one can transfer the money with Small World from regular bank deposit or cash pickup to home delivery and mobile wallet support. They have a network of over 250,000 cash pick-up locations worldwide.

How Does Small World Work?

They have established a network of agents and representatives, as well as partnered financial institutions, which helps in moving money conveniently between any country in the world. You can pay them via a regular domestic free bank wire and they will take care of moving this money overseas. There are 6 different transfer methods to choose from, you can send money via:

  • Bank deposit
  • Cash pick-up
  • Mobile top-up
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Home Delivery
  • Cash Card Reload

Small World Fees and Costs

The first transfer is free of charge. The final costs depend on multiple factors such as your country, your recipient’s country, currency pairs, amount of money and transfer method. To help visualize the estimated costs a transfer of $1000 from USA to the UK via a regular bank deposit would cost $19.99. Sending 1000EUR from Spain to Brazil with a bank transfer would cost only 5EUR. 

Small World Exchange Rate

They add a small markup of around 0.5%-1.5% to their exchange rates.

Small World Limits

The platform claims to offer limitless transfers, however some customers report that there might be a limit of $9.999 per transfer for particular destinations.

Small World compared to wire transfer and banks

As Small World is considered a rather expensive transfer choice it can be considered on the same price level as the majority of banks. However, with a well-designed platform, fast transactions and an extensive offer of transfer methods it should be considered quite user-friendly and competitive in that matter.

How to use Small World?

You can type in how much money you want to send in their widget. Choose the recipient's country and transfer method and you will immediately see the total costs of your transfer. If it suits you, proceed to the registration, follow the instructions on screen and fill out your personal information.

How to sign up?

Click on the Register button at the top of their website, fill in your email address and basic information and follow the instructions. You may need to pass a verification and send them some documentation in order to send bigger money transfers.

Is Small World safe and reliable?


Small World has more than 15 million customers. Because of their international scale they are regulated by numerous financial agencies. They are verified by VISA, EPIF (European Payment Institutions Federation), Thawte and iAMTN. They also participate in the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy to increase safety of the transfers and prevent money laundering.


The reviews and user comments are quite mixed and the overall user rating should be considered average.

“Fast transfer of money but the proposed exchange rate is not good and could be better.” ~ Jerome on

While the majority of customers manage to send money successfully the rest complain about verification process, transfer delays or even frozen transactions and lost funds.

“The e-mail support is so poor and sometimes they don't even answer. Even the phone support is so unfriendly! Transfers often don’t reach the receiver on time, it can takes hours and days, just saying ”pending payment” or ”under review” and transfer fees are expensive.” ~ writes one of the customers in her 3/5 stars review of Small World services on

Customer Support

As Small World has an extensive and broad network of agents and representatives, you can find local help in almost every country depending on what you need. A phone support is not available in all countries, but there are most of the European countries and the USA and multiple languages are supported. 

You can also reach them via an email form in their contact section.

Final Thoughts

Small World Review

Small World offers very extensive financial services. You can send money on 6 different ways to almost any country in the world. They have established a network of local agents to make it easier to handle money transfers in any place in the world. On the downside, the overall costs are quite high compared to other online remittance companies. While the exchange rates are quite good and the markup is on the lower end, adding transfer fees to that, which can reach even $20 for a regular $1000 transfer puts Small World in the price range of regular international SWIFT bank wire.

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