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Thomas Cook Travel Card Review, Exchange Rates, Fees Calculator & User Score

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What is Thomas Cook Travel Card?

Thomas Cook is a UK-based travel company, which offers various travel-related services. They own various tour operators such as Airtours, Ving, or Neckermann. To make it easier and safer for tourists to spend money worldwide, they have prepared an offer of prepaid cards, which can hold different foreign currencies. That way, the user doesn’t have to worry about potential additional fees or currency conversions. There is also a special “One Currency Card,” which is a convenient alternative if you often travel to different countries and need to spend different foreign currencies.

How Does Thomas Cook Travel Card Work?

After you get your forex card and top up it with the particular currency, you are ready to make purchases without worrying about exchange rates. The card is issued by MasterCard and should work and be supported in most countries.

Thomas Cook Travel Card Fees and Costs

The card is free to use. However, there is an inactivity fee of $3.50 if you don’t make any transaction in 15 months. It’s free to top-up the card in all currencies except GBP, which has an additional fee of 2%. ATM withdrawals cost around $2, depending on the currencies. It’s free to make any purchases all over the world.

Thomas Cook Travel Card Limits

You can’t spend more than $5,000 per day. Also, you can’t load more than $30,000 onto the card in a year. The maximum amount you can withdraw from ATM in 24 hours is $800. If you happen to have a negative balance, there is a penalty of $15.

The card is valid for 5 years so that you can use it for multiple trips. You can buy forex worth up to $250,000 in a single year when traveling abroad.

Thomas Cook Travel Card compared to other credit and debit cards

Compared to other banks and online platforms, there are better alternatives for international card payments. Thomas Cook’s offer is quite sensible and may be convenient for someone who travels with the company, as one can easily book a trip and get the card at one place. However, there are lots of small fees, which can add up to the costs quickly. As an advantage acts the fact that you avoid exchange rates and foreign transaction charges, as it’s all free.

How to use Thomas Cook Travel Card?

Topup the balance in your currency of choice, and you are ready to spend the money abroad without any additional conversion fees.

How to sign up for the card?

It’s best to contact Thomas Cook’s representatives to talk about the details and recent offer. You can also fill out a form on their website and apply for the card there.

Is Thomas Cook Travel Card safe and reliable?

The card meets all of the standards of MasterCard cards, it has a special chip and is secured by 4 digit PIN number. Moreover, you will be notified about every transaction made with this card via an email or SMS. That way you can track and spot any unusual activity if your card gets lost or stolen. In such case, you can also immediately block the card to save the funds.

Final Thoughts

Thomas Cook Travel Card Review

Thomas Cook is handling various travel and holiday-related services. Therefore, you can easily get a foreign currency card if you are setting up your itinerary. However, it seems there is not much transparent information about the card available online, and it’s hard to research any exact costs and fees, so it may be safer to opt for travel card offers from mainstream banks. The card itself should work without any problems, as it’s provided by MasterCard, which is a reputable company. You can top-up the card on Thomas Cook’s website, however, it’s quite hard to navigate there, and the platform could’ve been designed better.

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