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Walutomat Review, Exchange Rates, Fees Calculator & User Score

  • Fees and costs: Very Good
  • Transfer speed: Average
  • Safety and reliability: Very Good
  • Customer satisfaction: Very Good


  • Good Polish Zloty (PLN) currency pairs
  • You can set your own exchange rates
  • P2P system


  • Limited amounts of supported currencies
  • Available only in one country

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What is Walutomat?

Walutomat is one of the leading foreign exchange brokers in Poland. Since 2009 they have already handled more than 65 billion PLN and are processing more than 100.000 international money transfers monthly. They offer tools for businesses, loan takers, travelers and people working abroad. The exchange operates 24/7. The platform is a part of the CurrencyOne group, which is one of the first peer-to-peer currency businesses in the world. They have been recognized with multiple FinTech and Business awards.

One of the leading features of Walutomat is the ability to choose your own exchange rates. They reduced part of the exchange costs by eliminating banks and intermediaries from the transaction, as you can buy the currencies from other users.

How Does Walutomat Work?

The platform operates in a P2P model, which means you buy and sell the currencies between other users. That way you can choose your own exchange rates. Simply, put an order for a particular price and if there is another person willing to sell it to you at these rates, you will get matched and the transaction will be handled automatically. Thanks to this system you are not limited to the fixed or marked-up rates enforced by the broker.

The exchange time depends on which rates you choose. If you choose the current best, the conversion takes place instantly. If you are trying to get a specific rate you may need to wait some time, depending on the market activity and other users orders.

As Walutomat is a Polish-based platform, the major currency pairs include Polish Zloty (PLN). You can also exchange there most of the leading currencies such as GBP, EUR, USD or CHF.

Walutomat Fees and Costs

Walutomat charges from 0.06% to 0.2% of the exchanged amount. The more money you exchange during the month the lower the fees are.

Withdrawing and sending money to any of the Polish and European SEPA Banks is free of charge in a limited monthly amount depending on your account type.

Sending money outside the EU costs around $3 + potential fees added by the receiver bank.

Walutomat Exchange Rate

The users set their own exchange rates, as the platform operates in a P2P system. If you find a person who is willing to buy or sell you the currency at your chosen rate the platform will automatically match you and finalize the transaction.

Walutomat Limits

As the platform handles also business and corporate currency conversions, there are no upper limits on the exchanged amount.

Some features such as automatic exchange requests or money withdrawals might be limited depending on the type of your account.

Walutomat compared to wire transfer and banks

As Walutomat’s commision on the currency conversion is very low and most of the withdrawals and money transfers are free of charge, their offer is significantly better than the offer from most mainstream banks. Moreover, you can even set your own exchange rates and avoid unnecessary markup on the rates from banks and other remittance platforms.

How to use Walutomat?

Sign up, connect your bank account or top up the account with the first payment. Choose which currency you want to exchange and at what rates. You can settle for the current best rate and the conversion will take place immediately or set your own rates and wait for other person to accept your order.

How to sign up?

Navigate to the registration panel and fill in your basic information. Remember to put your phone number and email, where you will get the rest of the instructions and verification link. The phone number is essential because some functionalities of the system require SMS verification.

Is Walutomat safe and reliable?


Walutomat as a part of CurrencyOne SA is authorized and regulated by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority as a registered payment processor. They store the customer funds in separate bank accounts, which means they are not touched even if the company faces potential financial problems. The platform itself is encrypted with a 256-bit SSL protocol from Unizeto Technologies.  


As Walutomat is one of the biggest online exchange platforms in Poland both businesses and individual customers use their services. The majority of reviews are rather positive. The fees are relatively low and the exchange rates depend on other users.

Customer Support

You can reach the customer support via an email contact form on their platform or through one of the phone numbers. The support is available in Polish, English and Russian language.

Final Thoughts

Walutomat Review

Walutomat is one of the leading online currency exchange platforms. Currently, they operate mainly in Europe with the primary focus put on the Polish market. Therefore, the currency pairs include Polish Zloty (PLN). The most distinctive feature is the ability to choose your own exchange rates, as you can buy and sell the currency with other users in a P2P (peer-to-peer) system. One of the drawbacks might be the limited amount of tradable currencies. However, they support the leading ones like USD, EUR and CHF. The fees are one of the lowest on the market and you also receive a set amount of free money transfers and withdrawals each month, which might be just enough depending on your needs. The platform is well-designed and there is a mobile-app available to exchange money wherever you are.

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