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Xendpay Review, Exchange Rates, Fees Calculator & User Score

  • Fees and costs: Very Good
  • Transfer speed: Bad
  • Safety and reliability: Good
  • Customer satisfaction: Good


  • You can choose your own fees
  • Good exchange rates


  • Limits for free transfers
  • Slow transfer speed

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What is Xendpay?

Xendpay wants to provide international money transfer services without any additional fees. They have noticed and recognized the business patterns and extortions on the remittance market. Currently, most traditional companies and banks overcharge their clients with high transaction fees and unjust exchange rates. Xendpay wants to become a “global cause” and allegedly become the first company to offer free of charge transfer services.

How Does Xendpay Work?

Register on the platform, fill out your information and your recipient’s details and start sending the money.

The charging system is quite interesting as officially you don’t have to pay for the transfer. The platform gives you a chance to “choose your own fee” if you feel like supporting the company. They explain that:

“When you use our service you will see that we recommend a customisable voluntary charge based on the cost to us of delivering the service, and all we ask is that you pay what you think the service is worth.”

Ripple cooperation

It’s also worth noting that the platform has recently joined Ripple’s network, which allowed them to offer their services in more remote countries. Thanks to Ripple’s solutions and usage of blockchain technology, Xendpay can extend the supported currencies and remittance destinations to the Asian and African countries.

“Previously we had to create a whole business case for each partner. RippleNet reduces that complication and friction. There’s a built-in trust factor, which allows us to get to market quicker. We were unable to offer currencies like Malaysian Ringgit or Bangladeshi Taka before. Now that it’s easier to connect with local partners, we can provide our clients with more local currencies and, therefore, see new growth in those corridors.”

It’s especially important, as Xendpay aim is to create affordable transfer services in all countries, especially in poorer regions.

Xendpay Fees and Costs

The company wants to provide its transfer services for all of the people. To create a truly “affordable” transfers, they decided to make all of the fees optional. The platform displays what is the cost of the transfer, but you can choose how much you want to pay for the service. If you like the platform, simply support it by paying some extra charges for the transfer. You can also pay a lower amount if you can’t afford the whole transfer cost at the moment.

There is a slight catch to the whole “Pay what you want” idea. You have a yearly limit of 2000GBP transfers with “discounted” fees. After that, you will need to start paying for the transfers. The limit is replenished every year.

As companies and businesses usually make transfers more frequently, Xendpay gives them a yearly limit of 4000GBP.

The “recommended” base fee is 3.50GBP. The costs vary based on the currency pairs, payment method and the country of your transfer destination. After you exceed the free limit, you can expect the costs at around 0.5-2%. But don’t worry, the total sum is transparently displayed when making the transaction.

Be careful, as the company charges a cancellation fee. As the transactions take a lot of time to process and deliver, many customers decide to cancel them and send them faster through other platforms. However, they are then surprised by additional charges.

Xendpay Exchange Rate

There is no strict markup on the rates and compared to the competition they are one of the best on the market. They are only 0.002% higher than the ones, which you can check on Google.

There are still companies such as TransferWise for example, which provide slightly better rates, however, you need to pay additional fees there. Xendpay provides better rates in many currency pairs than for example Western Union or Azimo.

Xendpay Limits

The limit that should concern you the most is the 2,000GBP of “free” transfers per year. After exceeding this amount you won’t be able to choose the option of lower fees. However, you can still choose to voluntarily pay more for the transfer if you want to support the platform.

Xendpay compared to wire transfer and banks

One of the main advantages of the company is cheap exchange rates. The option to “choose your own rate” is also an interesting approach. However, there is a set limit of transactions, for which you can pay less. Therefore, you shouldn’t think that you can always choose free transfers. The overall costs then aren’t that high and are among the cheapest on the market.

How to use Xendpay?

You can easily order the whole transfer using their online platform. You need to register on the website. Then, undergo a verification process, which as reported by the users is done very quickly. Choose your transfer method, fill out the details and send the transaction. It’s best to pay for the transfer with a regular bank payment, as using credit or debit cards may generate additional fees.

How to sign up?

Click on the Sign up button at the top of their website and fill out account information. You can also use your Google or Facebook account for faster registration. Before making your first transaction, you will need to undergo a verification process. The company may ask you to send photos of your ID or other documentation to make sure it’s really you. Most of the online remittance platforms need to do this in order to comply with international laws and regulations. The users report that the process goes smoothly and you don’t have to wait long to pass the verification.

Is Xendpay safe and reliable?


The platform is a part of Rational Foreign Exchange Ltd (RationalFX), which is a fully regulated company. They comply with all of the European financial laws and are registered with FCA. User funds are placed in segregated bank accounts in Barclays Bank, which means that in case of any financial troubles, the customer's money is not touched.

When it comes to platform and online security, the company claims to strictly protect users data, however, there are no detailed descriptions of their practices. The website uses a safe SSL protocol.

Public Reception

The company has been on the market since 2005. They’ve managed to grow their business without taking up loans or being heavily invested. According to their statistics, they have already processed over $5 billion in transactions. There haven’t been any notable scandals or problems with the company so far and most of the users have successfully used their services. The parent company RationalFX has also avoided public outbreaks, however, the customers report that they were tricked into additional charges and the company doesn’t remain transparent with the costs of the services.

“Offer low price at the beginning to have you open account, price is raised quietly later without any notice.  Poor customer service. Very disappointed, never used again.” ~ writes Yunan in Google review


The majority of the comments and reviews found online are quite positive. People enjoy free transfers and like the idea of voluntarily paying more to support the transfer platform, which they like and use every day. So the company does a good job of keeping in touch and staying on good terms with the community.

“I'm using Xendpay on regular basis to transfer money from Poland to UK mostly and never had any problems. Maximum 3 working days from Day of transaction to receive funds.” ~ says Robert in his Trustpilot review

The main disadvantage seems to be the transaction time. With the cheap transfers, you may need to wait even up to a week. The total delivery time depends also on your payment method and bank working hours.

“I had no issues transferring funds to the UK. The site was easy to use and the verification process was quick. The transfer did however take 4 days to complete but for the low fee's it's small price to pay for a cost effective service.” ~ Patrick on TrustPilot

Another thing that few users reported are the occasional problems with processing card payments. Therefore, it’s best to use a regular bank wire to topup the transfer.

“Lately the service is not as good as it used to be. I had been using xendpay for last 5 years, paying for the goods never had any issues until the beginning of this year. They still owe me £100; as the money has been returned from the other part of Europe. For some reason still can't pay it into my account. There is also lots of issues when you want to pay using your card. You get message that your card has not been charged then next day you have missed money from your account. It is time to look for another provider.” ~ Majarzena on TrustPilot

Customer Support

As an advantage acts the fact the support is available in 5 languages. You can easily reach the company through an email, special form on their website or by calling their phone number. However, it seems that the phone line is limited currently only to English and French. While support in Polish, Spanish or German is available through email.

Final Thoughts

Xendpay Review

All in all, Xendpay offers rather competitive rates and quality service compared with other international online remittance companies. They advertise themselves as “zero-fee” transfers, which is only partially true. There are some restrictions and limitations to their “choose your own fee” policy. Moreover, the user may be surprised with additional charges, for example for canceling the transaction. It’s worth noting, as the transactions take often more than 5 days to arrive and many customers decide to cancel them in order to use different platforms. However, even though the transaction time is very slow, the transfer itself is quite cheap. Therefore, you get what you pay for. It’s also interesting that you can voluntarily choose to pay higher fees if you feel like you want to support the platform. The company does a good job of keeping the community happy. Most of the reviews available online are positive. There are some cases of lost funds or transactions that haven’t been delivered. Other than that, there haven’t been any notable troubles connected with the platform.

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