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MoneyGram Review, Exchange Rates, Fees Calculator & User Score

  • Fees and costs: Bad
  • Transfer speed: Very Good
  • Safety and reliability: Average
  • Customer satisfaction: Bad


  • Facilities and support all over the world
  • Many ways to handle the payment
  • Fast transfers


  • High fees and costs compared to the competition
  • Poor customer support, accounts problems and cancelled transfers

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What is Moneygram?

The company provides fast means to send money online, but also through the physical kiosks and facilities all over the world. The scale of the operations allows to connect people from countries without banking access and enable them financially.

Moneygram Transfer Time

They provide one of the fastest money transfers compared to their competition. Cash is usually available after a few minutes, while bank transfers can take from few hours up to a day.

How Does Moneygram Work?

The service is similar to the Western Union concept. You deposit the money in one location and the recipient is able to receive it at another location. The process can take place online or in Moneygram facilities. In that case you can bring cash, or make an online transfer with a credit or debit card or bank wire.

Moneygram Fees and Costs

Moneygram Costs

The fees depend on the countries, which you are sending the money between. However, on average the transfer costs from $1 up to $50 for a small payments below $1,000. On amounts above $900 you need to pay an additional 2% of the transfer.

The cheapest options are available for the US domestic and popular countries transfers. For example, it costs $13 to send $1,000 from the States and pick up in China. While, it costs $50 to send the same amount from Brazil.

To know beforehand how much will the final transfer cost, you can use a special Moneygram cost estimator on their site.

Moneygram Limits

The individual transaction limit is $899.99 per transfer. However, it doesn’t apply for mortgages or car loans, as in these cases the company allows to send $2,500 per transaction. Moreover, you can't send more than $3,000 in a month. Other types of limits or restrictions are based on local regulations and banks. For example, if your personal bank account allows only a particular number of monthly transactions, they won’t process MoneyGram transfer, if it exceeds your account limit.

Moneygram compared to wire transfer and banks

The money transfer speed is undoubtedly much faster than any regular banks offer. It also allows people to send money to almost all of the countries. On the other hand, the fees are very significant.

From country

Receiver country

You send




How to use Moneygram?

In order to send the money you can either go to your nearest Moneygram location or you can open an online account. The online feature is available only in some countries.

How to sign up?

You need to register on Moneygram website. Keep in mind, that you will need to provide your private information and pass the verification like with most of financial platforms.

As with any other legal financial services you need to provide your information and upload images of your ID for the identity verification. You need to scan it or you can simply make photos with your smartphone and upload it to their site. Sometimes, you have to make a photo of you holding the documents, so that they know it’s really you.

You can also download a mobile app, which allows you to log in with your fingerprint.

Where to find Moneygram point?

The company has support in over 200 countries, where they have established a network of about 347,000 agent offices. You are most likely to have a kiosk or money pick up point even in your town. Moneygram cooperates with Walmart, so it’s convenient to handle the payments in your nearest shopping centre. Apart from it, they also cooperate often with your local postal offices like Moneygram in Canada, UK or Poland for example.

There is a convenient tool on the website to check your nearest point.

Is Moneygram safe and reliable?


There haven’t been any significant security breaches, however Moneygram has been used many times for fraud and scam attempts. There are cases of users who were tricked to sending money to someone else. But the technical side of the platform is well-secured.

Public Reception

It’s worth noting that the company is the second-largest provider of money transfers in the world, which increases their reliability and scale of operations. They also need to comply with many international regulations and policies.

After accusations of people using the platform for scams and phishing, the company admitted to anti-money laundering and wire fraud violations and introduced some structural changes. Many users are reporting, that currently because of the increased transfer screening and verifications, the service is becoming harder to use.

They also created $100 million scam victim compensation fund and their foundation focuses on providing and funding better education around the world.


The first impression after looking through the comments and reviews online speaks a lot. Many people are frequently reporting some issues with the platform. Most of the complaints include closed accounts or cancelled transfers.

“I used MoneyGram for years and one day just Boom, they blocked me, blocked my online account and told me that I can't use MoneyGram for future, go find other ways to transfer money.. I see a lot of people got this problem” ~ Constantine on ConsumerAffairs

On the other hand, the regular and domestic online payments seems to be working quite well:

“Nice and quick sent from my boyfriend’s credit card to my bank account. Sent it in the evening was in there the next morning. I was worried after reading the reviews but they seem to be problems with sending and collecting in person.” ~ Sophie on Trustpilot

Most of the problems occur with customer service,  international transfers and in person or kiosk pick ups. This leads to a conclusion that the service is not the preferred option for important and urgent payments. There were many cases where the person couldn’t get the money, because of some limitations or the transfer being flagged as a suspicious activity.

“I tried to send money through MoneyGram service online and it didn't send the money and locked me out of my account. [...] Called support number and was told I would have to go to my nearest location to send (My nearest location is 45 minutes away!) and was NOT given a reason as to why I was locked out!” ~ Robert on ConsumerAffairs

“Terrible service. Tried to send money to a friend. Moneygram didn't release money and asked me questions that I don't think its their business. How long I know that person, how old is he, when last time I saw him, how do we communicate, why I am sending money to my friend. Finaly my friend didn't get the money. Transfer was denied.” ~ Gennady on Trustpilot

“Their customer representative are extremely poor in job performance, so they should consider a strict policy with the kind of people they employ, because many of them are discriminatory in nature and irrespective of their job. My transactions have been declined numerous time and when i call to ask they can't give me any reason why, not that i was against any of their protocols or did something wrong. I work so hard for my money.” ~ Akuna on Trustpilot

Customer Support

As anyone from all over the world can become an agent and contribute to the Moneygram network the service quality vary in different parts of the world. Users are reporting that it is hard to get a practical solutions from the support or workers. In many places, the staff is only handling the money withdrawals and doesn’t know how to solve transfer issues.

There is an available information about how to reach the company on their site. You can call their phone number or send an email or chat.

Final Thoughts

Moneygram Review

The service is widely available, even in the less developed countries which is a huge advantage. The company is well-established on the market. While the transfer time is very good, the overall costs are one of the highest on the market. Many people are also reporting that they were denied the service or the transfer was cancelled without a reason. Best option for people who want to deliver something fast, but have all of the documentation to verify the source and intention of the transfer, as it will be cancelled if they consider it to be suspicious.

Our users comments

sent $100 to my friend in Brazil, it arrived the same day, very good, can recommend

~ very good

I've sent money with MG for 10 years now, haven't had any notable problems.

~ Rumi

Well they delivered all of my transfers so far, but I wouldn' trust the "estimated delivery times" as it's really random. Sometimes they manage to deliver same day, sometimes the transfer prolongs to 3-5 business days. So if you need to send money urgently better not risk, but as a general money transfer service it's good enough. I can recommend.

~ Matthew O.

They are now all about this "fraud protection" stuff, so the overal security and quality of the services improved in the recent years, but because of that whenever you try to make a bigger payment or there are any shadow or mere idea of some "suspicious activity" going on, like i don't know sending money to some foreign country for the first time, they immiediately freeze the transaction and ask you questions and need to send them copies of documets, which is tiring. But I guess it's what's got to be done. After all, I apprieciate that I can send money to most of the regions and there is good connection to AFrican countries, as well, which suits me, as I need to make transactions to South Africa.

~ Andrew M

i mean the customer service is horrible, they take ages to respond and can't solve really basic issues. when there were transfer problems had to wait 10 days for the refund to finish. why they complicate everything so much


Sent with them small amounts of money many times, haven't tried bigger amounts but i would work same I believe. Also I actually believe they are better than Western Union. If I had to sum up the service: Reliable. Excellent quality. It delivers to so many countries and support almost every currency, what more do you want? Very secure, they show it at every stage of the transfer.

~ Yung0

the transfer were supposed to take few minutes, took 2 days. I don't know. It arrived and was quite cheap so it's good. But the delay... I don't know

~ mimalee

the prices aren't the best on the market but it works, sent multiple transfers with them in recent months

~ Leticia

The verification and security measures are tiring and in my opinion make everything 10 times harder instead. My friend to whom I sent the transfer to pick up at his location was denied because of actually no particular reason and they had to contact me and get through another verification and unnecessary bureucracy. but finally the transfer got through, so it's good now

~ fffff22

SOmetimes I think they are going only on their past glory, as the service is really well known and worldwide available, but in last months the quality got poorer that's why i retreat the half star from my rating. But I'm MG client for many years now and overall they always delivered my transfers well.

~ Calderon Georgia

I used both Western Union and Money Gram and I can't really decided which one is better. They really are similiar with the quality.


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