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Remitly Review, Exchange Rates, Fees Calculator & User Score

  • Fees and costs: Very Good
  • Transfer speed: Good
  • Safety and reliability: Good
  • Customer satisfaction: Very Good


  • Low fees and costs
  • Good customer support
  • Refunds if not delivered on time


  • Delayed transfer time because of additional verifications

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What is Remitly?

Remitly provides international money transfer services. You can pay for the transfer via bank, credit card, or debit card. The company was formerly known as Beamit. The main goal was to help people who migrated abroad for work to send the money to their families. They process around $1 billion money transactions per year.

How Does Remitly Work?

You can use the service to send money abroad cheaply. One of the interesting features is the “On Time” delivery. If they fail to deliver your transaction fast, they will refund you the money. Therefore, you can safely use them for any urgent or important payments, as they guarantee that it will be delivered on time and without any issues.

Remitly Transfer Speed

The transfer time depends on the working hours and processing time of local financial institutions. However, with an “express” option, the money will arrive in a matter of minutes or hours in some cases. The regular “economy” transfer takes up to a few days.

Remitly Fees and Costs

Remitly adjust the costs and fees to fit the customer needs in different countries. Depending on the location, you will pay between $0 to $49.99. Credit card transfers have an additional 3% fee because of processing costs. They offer two types of transfers: express and economy.

One can easily use the service to send money to Phillippines or India, which is another popular remittance destination.

For example, you can exchange USD to INR through Remitly and send it to India without any fees, but only if the payment is larger than $1,000. If the amount is lower, you need to pay $3.99 for the transfer. On the other hand, sending $1,000 to Brazil with an express delivery would cost you $9.99, but the “economy” transfer costs only $1.99 in that case.

You can calculate the exact costs of your transfer by using the fee table and tools provided on Remitly.

Remitly Exchange Rate

The company profits from the exchange rate markup. Judging by the rates provided on the site, even with the additional margin, the costs are lower than offers from mainstream financial institutions or banks.

Remitly Limits

The limits are usually set for the first 24 hours after you opened the account. You can increase them later. At the beginning, you can’t send more than $2.999 a day and $10,000 a month.

After a full verification process, the most you can send in a day is $10,000 and $30,000 in a month.

Remitly compared to wire transfer and banks

They offer more convenient options than most of the mainstream banks. The prices seem to be significantly lower and affordable in all regions. You can send money to a variety of remote countries, and with an express transaction, the recipient will get the payment within minutes.

From country

Receiver country

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How to use Remitly?

To send money internationally with Remitly you need to create a free account on Remitly website, choose your delivery option, fill out the information about where do you want to send the money, enter your recipient name and address, send the money. You can easily track the transfer and get notifications about updates.

How to sign up?

Creating the account is quite simple, choose your country and language for easier setup, click the “join” button on Remitly site, set up your login and password, and then fill out the account information.

Remit account verification

As with any other legal, financial services, you need to provide your information and sometimes upload images of your ID or other documentation for the identity verification. You need to scan it, or you can simply take photos with your smartphone and upload it to their site. Sometimes, you have to take a photo of you holding the documents so that they know it’s really you. The process is very similar to a regular bank registration, but in that case, it all happens online. The company may also call you to verify any additional data.

People complain that the service provider asks very personal data. However, it’s all done to ensure the security of the transfer and to comply with international anti-money laundering laws.

Is Remitly safe and reliable?


The additional verification measures increase the security and compliance with the regulations of the payments. Remit also encourages users to protect their accounts better, set up strong passwords, and identify phishing emails and messages.

Public Reception

It’s worth noting that the company has received an investment from Jeff Bezos, who is an owner of Amazon. Remitly also raised money with PayU, which is another financial services provider.

Remitly has become quite popular in India and the Philippines and cooperates and supports many local banks and financial institutions, making it easy to handle the payments there.


The majority of the reviews and comments available on the Internet is positive. Most of the people are enjoying the service.

“I highly recommend this company if sending loved ones money overseas.. They're very responsible with their transfers, and if there is a problem they will notify you by email, and or text messages. Within minutes I've always gotten a response back telling me the problems have been fixed, and that the money is ready for pick up. They also message you when the money is picked up by your loved ones, which takes a lot of stress off of you, because you know that your money got to its destination safely...:” ~ George on Trustpilot

Most of the complaints focus on the extended time of delivering the money because of additional verification requirements. This happens with many services, as the company often need to ask very personal questions to prevent money laundering or other illegal activity.

“[...] My transaction gets flagged for additional review so I'm asked for a copy of my bank account statements, job title, job phone number, address, copies of checks where the money came from, the whole ordeal. That was on day 3 of my transaction so I thought it was all good and money should've gone through since they pulled it out of my account the next day. Not so fast. Here comes the 5th day and they day the transfer was scheduled to release. I get a call from a rep ASKING ME FOR THE SAME INFORMATION I HAD JUST SENT DAYS AGO. Needless to say, I send the information a SECOND TIME. [...] Here comes the 8th day. Still no calls, no emails, no update. But they've had my money all this time. [...] Now, you may be wondering, why deal with all this and not just cancel the transaction and get your money back? You have to wait 10 business days to get your money back if you were to cancel the transaction. [...]” ~ writes Euris in a Trustpilot review of Remit services

Customer Support

While many people complain about customer support because of the additional verification that they are conducting, others are pleased with the quality of support. They say that it is very helpful and solve any problems quickly. The company is very active in money transfer review services, where they respond to any feedback and try to help people.

There is also a help center section on the website, which includes tutorials, articles, and answers for most of the basic questions like “How to send money?” or “How to track the transfer?”

Final Thoughts

Remitly Review

With the great mission of connecting immigrants to their origin countries and providing them with a convenient money transfer services, Remitly offers cheap and rather reliable services. Most of the people send the money successfully, while a minority of them are dissatisfied with the detailed verification requirements, which sometimes include a series of personal questions and background checks. The fees vary from country to country. However, there are even cases where they provide the service for free or at very low costs, even for more significant amounts of money. The site is well designed and makes it easy to set up an account and order payment online.

Our users comments

I've sent money with Remitly both big and small amounts throughout last two years and haven't experienced any troubles, always delivered the transfer on time!

~ Jonathan

It's okay. The verification process was a bit tedious and I worried it will take too much time before I can send my money and I was a bit in a hurry, but it actually wasn't that bad. Now I can send transfers without any major problems. So far they delivered on time always. The exchange rates are also quite okay compared to other platforms.

~ Philipe

I like that there are clean and transparent updates about the status of the transfer. It's easy to figure out what is going on and I always apprieciate it. That way I feel more secure with trusting the platform with my money. They delivered successfully few times now. Keep it up.

~ Garcia A

why no one is talking about their fees, which are extremely low compared to some other "big players" not mentioning my bank ! cheap remit to every country that i need to send money to, the exchange rates are good. it's safe, the platform is easy to use. really good.

~ Gilly A

Remitly is a good service. I sent something like $500 now in 3 smaller transfers and it went smoothly. Only drawback: The verification took some time when registering, but i understand they have to do it

~ Remitly is good

they called to verify that it was me who ordered the transfer which is good as it means they take security seriously but it was kinda weird to answer additional questions instead of simply sending the transfer QUICKLY. But it's the times we live in now and the situation is similiar on other platofrms. Maybe someday it will improve. After few minutes everything was processed properly.

~ Leny O

I usually send only my few currencies and it went smoothly, but recently i had to send money to other country then usual and noticed that some currencies don't have the best exchange rates like for example philipne pesos had worse exchange rates than others, i don't understand why, so better check if your pair has good rates.

~ conversion rates

I used them for 4 years now. Successfully sent money to indian bank account, reliable service and the rates were also throughout the years one of the best on the market, at least for my currency pairs, that's why i used them. I can recommend

~ .Prakash Ju.

I already used Xoom, Western Union and TransferGo and now as a Remitly customer I will settle with them for some time, as they services really suit my needs at the time. Please keep it up and don't increase the costs.........

~ EX

they kept my transfer on hold for 2 days for validation, hence minus few stars from me, but then it went smooth so I'm happy after all

~ bill

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