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Worldremit Review, Exchange Rates, Fees Calculator & User Score

  • Fees and costs: Very Good
  • Transfer speed: Good
  • Safety and reliability: Average
  • Customer satisfaction: Good


  • Well-designed mobile app
  • Cheap and affordable fees for small payments


  • Lack of transparency
  • Some technical issues

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What is Worldremit?

Worldremit aims to provide cheap and convenient international remittance services. They were one of the firsts money transfer companies to focus on mobile to mobile transfers. Handling the payments without physical cash increases the security of the operations. The initial idea was to help immigrants and make it easy for people to send money to their families in remote countries. The company started in 2010.

How Does Worldremit Work?

You can choose your money destination from 150 countries. There are multiple ways to send the payment like, for example, bank wire or debit and credit card. The recipient can also receive it in many ways. Depending on the country, one can get the money directly on the bank account or in a local facility. Worldremit has partnered with numerous places and institutions to ensure that you can withdraw the money close to your home.

Worldremit Fees and Costs

The fees are based on the payment method and the location. In most cases, they cost around $3.99 or even less.

It’s worth noting that the company offers various bonuses and discounts, especially for new users. There is even an option to send money for free to check how the service works.

Worldwide Remittance Prices

Many people are wondering if they can send money to the Philippines with Worldremit. This region of the world has great support, and sending, for example, 500 GBP in cash, would cost only 5.99 GBP in fees. The rate is even cheaper in the USA, where exchanging 5,000 USD to PHP would cost only $3.99 in fees. The recipient can pick up the money at the supported local facility.

Worldremit Limits

The limits differ from country to country and are based on local regulations. In general, the user can send from $1 to even $10000. However, the site doesn’t disclose any particular amount brackets. By testing out a few destinations in their online calculator, one can send from the USA up to $5000, for example, to India, Turkey, or the Philippines.

Worldremit compared to wire transfer and banks

The service is significantly cheaper than any mainstream financial institutions or banks.

From country

Receiver country

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How to use Worldremit?

How to sign up?

Setting up the account is quite easy. You can register on the Worldremit site or download the mobile app. Before sending your first online transfer, you will need to undergo a verification process.

Worldremit Verification

As with any other legal, financial services, you need to provide your information and upload images of your ID for the identity verification. You need to scan it, or you can simply take photos with your smartphone and upload it to their site. Sometimes, you have to take a photo of you holding the documents so that they know it’s really you.

Is Worldremit safe and reliable?


Apart from being fully regulated and licensed by government financial authorities, they are also complying with PCI security standards and are verified by VISA, which is a well-experienced payment processor.


While the majority of Worldremit reviews are generally positive, it seems that the negative side of the project is their technical system. Many people are reporting technical difficulties with the transfers giving out errors leading to problems when picking up the money.

“Excellent services! I didn't really expect it to be that quick but my transaction got completed just in a couple of hours! Very happy with their support! Happy to have it!” ~ writes Ritika in her Trustpilot review

People also complain about canceling Worldremit transactions.

“Recipients are constantly unable to pick up payments because their system keeps crashing and doesn't accept the reference numbers (either they're too long or too short) [...] Ridiculous system. Can't be trusted” ~ says Saddef in his Trustpilot review

“I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with WorldRemit. I tried to transfer some amount of money into an account abroad from UK. World remit debited my account and never credited the local bank abroad. 4 hours later they sent me a message saying the account information was incorrect. This didn't make any sense as I had already sent money to the same local bank from a different platform. [...] So this is what WorldRemit failed to disclose, they didnt have local currency to pay/complete the transaction. They decided to come up with some sort of lie instead about being a limit restriction on the account. Another thing was the exchange rate had changed so they tried to get me to cancel the transaction so I can accept a lower exchange rate. As the money was required instantly I had no option but to cancel the transaction. Now I have to wait 4 working days to receive my money back.” ~ Mike on Trustpilot

All in all, the evaluation of the company based on public feedback and reviews is positive.

Customer Support

Worldremit customer service seems to be a strong side of the project. Many people are reporting that the team has easily solved their problem and was very helpful.

The help and FAQ sections aren’t as detailed and well-designed as sections at other money transfer sites. However, they provide sufficient information and answer basic questions like “Getting started with Worldremit,” “Where can I send money to?” or “How do mobile money payments work?”

Final Thoughts

Worldremit Review

Overall, the security of the platform and customer support are quite good. The site has a decent design, which makes it easy to order a money transfer there. The most significant advantage is their mobile app, which receives high ratings by the users. While many people are enjoying the service, some reported some confusing activities of the company, with technical issues or transfer mistakes. The platform also lacks sufficient transparency about their operations or funding and it’s even hard to track the alleged rewards and titles that their project won.

Our users comments

Surprisingly good quality of service! The transfer arrived in I don't know maybe 2 minutes? It was almost instant! And I compared the fees with other sites and it was the cheaepst option for my currency pairs.

~ Cris

First transfers took long because verification and some other initial delays, after 3rd it was fast. So if you are in a hurry and don't have an account, it might not be fast option. But we will see how it goes from now if every next transfer is still fast.

~ Lela H

so i had problems during the registration and there was mistake in my personal information and i really apprieciate the really nice customer representative who helped me fix it so that i could send the first transfer without any problems, it took only one phone call to solve the issue. good!

~ Adebayor

Much much much much better rates than IDENTICAL transfer at my bank. I don't understand why would you pay that much for bank wires if there are good online alternatives. After going through the registration It takes literally few clicks to send money to anywhere.

~ Stephanie

Sent money from UK to Ivory Coast, the transfer arrived to my friend the next day, there were no hiccups on the way, everything went smoothly, I recommend

~ Viccy

fast secure good fees i like the mobile app its convenient to use

~ Seth O

For me the transfer took almost 12 hours to arrive and I got a bit worried but after all the money was delivered so its good. I guess speed wasn't that important in that case, as I the costs were really cheap compared to the competition and other platforms like this.

~ Margareth

I'm really surprised with the transfer speed, as the money was delivered literally instantly. That's crazy, keep it up, good job!

~ Johny D

for me the platform is kinda confusing and i had problems during the transfer fortunately the customer service helped me a lot so good for them but please do something to make it easier to send money abroad

~ Paula M

No problems. I had to sent money to my family who was in need and they delivered the transfer perfectly. Thank you very much!!

~ Henry

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